Marine Engineering Study Material for Polytechnic


1.What is flash evaporator?
This type of evaporator heats the water in one compartment before it is released into a second compartment in which the pressure is substantially lower, causing some of the water to flash into vapour. This type of evaporator is known as a flash evaporator. In flash evaporator it is sensible heat that is supplied.

2. What is bilge pump?

Bilge pumps are a type of marine water pump found on both large and small ships. They are responsible for removing water accumulating bilge wells and throwing it overboard. It’s impossible to stop water and oil from collecting in your bilge wells (the bottom-most part of a boat).

3.What is blowers?
Blowers or used to supply the fresh air to engine room for temperature maintenance. There are two types
i) suction blower
ii) outlet blower

4. Define winch?
winch is used to carry the domestic purpose cargo and small machineries in the ship.The system is used to monitor the oil content level (PPM) of the discharge of oil-water separator.

5) What is oil content monitoring system?

This system is used to monitor the oil content level(PPM) of the discharge of oil-water separator.

6.What is boiling type evaporator?
These type of evaporator boils the seawater at the saturation temperature corresponding to the pressure in the evaporator and is known as boiling evaporator . In a boiling evaporator the water is maintained continuously at its saturation temperature in other words latent heat is added while in the flash operator discussed further. It is sensible heat that is supplied.

7.Draw 2-RAM steering system.

8.Write short notes on gate valve.
A gate valve, also known as a sluice valve, is a valve that opens by lifting a barrier out of the path of the fluid. Gate valves require very little space along the pipe axis and hardly restrict the flow of fluid when the gate is fully opened. The gate faces can be parallel but are most commonly wedge-shaped.

9.Explain the working of fresh water generator system.

10.Explain the working of rotary vane steering system.

12.Explain the working of oil- water separator.