Marine Engineering study Material (PST)

marine engineering


1. What is the purpose of emergency signal?
The general emergency signal is provided to alert all crew and passengers of an emergency. The general emergency alarm system is provided from both the ships Main supply and the emergency source of electrical power

2. What are the extra equipment used for survival?
Blankets, tinned milk, milk tablets, fruits, biscuits, and sweets.
Note-book, pencil and waterproof watch, plastic bags and a small packet radio receiver, Fog Horn, thermal protective aids and immersion suits.

3. What is foundering?
A vessel is said to “founder” when she has lost her reserved buoyancy and/or has become unstable and is consequently unable stay afloat.

4. State the need to prevent panic?
Keep quite, assist other people inside the craft, especially injured personnel, if you can. Make casualties as comfortable as possible and try to reassure them that everything is going well, even when the situation may appear to be difficult.

5. What are the types of emergency?
Fire, collision, Gas Explosion, Flooding, Shifting of Cargo, Gas leak, Stranding, Engine failure, Unforeseen mishap such as an accident, serious illness, Foundering, Man-overboard.

6. Explain crew expertise.
The crew must be fully schooled in safe working procedures. They should be well trained in the operation of life saving and fire fighting appliances and be fully geared to handle any emergency.

7. What are the fire provisions on board ships?
(a) Fire pumps, pipelines hydrants, houses and nozzles.
(b) Fixed fire detection and extinguishing system such as sprinkler system, inert gas system, Co2 system, foam system etc.
(c) Personal protection and safety equipment such as breathing apparatus sets, fire protection suits and an array of safety gear.

8. What are crew duties to passengers?
(a) Warning the passengers
(b) Seeing that they are suitably clad and have donned their life jacket correctly.
(c) Ensuring that a supply of blankets is taken to the survival craft

9. Explain the emergency instructions for crew members.

10. Explain the principles of survival at sea.

11. Explain the procedure for master’s order to abandon the ship.