PG TRB ENGLISH TEST TOPIC WISE – 23| Ode to Dejection & Kublakhan


    Welcome to your PG TRB ENGLISH TEST TOPIC WISE - 23| Ode to Dejection & Kublakhan

    1. What color is the western sky?

    2. "And in our life alone does Nature _____"

    3.Where is the wind said to blow?

    4.In "An ode-Dejection" the poet is in a dejected mood because he fears that he has lost

    5.To whom does the poet address the second stanza of the poem?

    6.In which poem Coleridge refers to ”My shaping spirit of Imagination”

    7.In which poem Coleridge expresses his feelings of rejection by Sara Hutchinson?

    8.What kind of poem is Dejection: An Ode?

    9.How was the original draft titled?

    10.From where does Coleridge taken the preface?

    11.Which makes a mourning sound?

    12.Dejection is the___of coleridge

    13.According to Coleridge, Beauty comes from

    14.The poet gives farewell to

    15.Where did Kubla build the dome?

    16. What is the sacred river where it was built?

    17. How many miles were walled in for the dome?

    18. What instrument did the Abyssinian maid play?

    19. And what mountain did the maid sing of?

    20.What object from the pom best symbolizes the source of inspiration for the poet?

    21-Who is considered the pre-generator of American Transcendentalism?

    22.On what grounds was Coleridge dismissed from the military?

    23.Who convinced Coleridge to publish the incomplete "Kubla Khan"?

    24.kubla khan’ is a poem which reflects a---------strain in Coleridge’s poetry.

    25.What did Kubla khan decree in xanadu ?

    26.The another title of Kublakhan is

    27.A ravine cuts a path through____trees on a green hill

    28.Kublakhan is the combination of

    29. Where did the man come from to meet Coleridge?

    30.Coleridge contributed a poem to a volume to raise money for which ailing poet?