PG TRB ENGLISH TOPIC WISE TEST -24| Ode on a Grecian urn & ode to Autumn


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    1.What does the speaker refer the urn to?

    2.Whats the authors feeling toward the urn?

    3.In "Ode to a Grecian Urn," Keats ponders

    4.Why does the speaker praise the urns immortality so much?

    5. "sylvan historian" refers to anything pertaining to

    6.The speaker praises that the "unheard (melodies) are sweeter" because

    7.The poet creates a parallel between the urn and what?

    8.Who calls Keats ”One of the inheritors of unfulfilled renown?

    9.”Keats was a Greek-born in England” Why is it said so?

    10. The urn is a bride wedded to ------.

    11. The urn is a foster child of ------

    12. How many sonnets did John Keats write?

    13.Ode on a Grecian urn contrasts human life with

    14.Cleanth Brooks finds _____ in Keat's ode

    15."Fair youth" in keat's ode is a

    16.Cold pastoral refers to

    17.In Keat's ode, The priest leads a _____to altar

    18."To Autumn" has its origin in Keat's letter to

    19.Whom does the autumn conspire with?

    20.Which is the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness?

    21.Who thinks that warm days will never chase?

    22.In To Autumn, the season is personified as a women sitting on

    23.Autumn is personified as

    24.In keats ode, lambs bleat from

    25.Keats had a greater influence of

    26. Autumn starts with the departure with which season?

    27.With whom autumn is conspiring to load and bless the vine ?

    28.What is the prevailing mood in ‘To Autumn”?

    29.Keats was impressed by------of autumn

    30.Who called 'Ode To Autumn' Keats most satisfying of all the odes?