PG TRB ENGLISH TOPIC WISE TEST – 22 | Andrea Del sarto & Morte D'arthur & Byzantium


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    1.What is the another name of Andrea del Sarto?

    2.In Robert Brownings Andrea del Sarto, with which of the following painters does Andrea NOT compare himself with ?

    3.Lucrezia's fold of flesh on her hip like a

    4.The last monk is leaving from

    5.Morello is the name of

    6.Which work inspired Browning to write Andrea del serta?

    7.Del Sarto means

    8.Who is the king mentioned in the poem Andrea del Sarto?

    9.Andrea considers himself as a/an

    10.Andrea compares himself to

    11.Whose house is the group gathered at to tell the "tale" of King Arthur?

    12.What item did Arthur want to be thrown back into the lake?

    13.At the end of the story, the author states that he is awakened by a sound. What is the sound?

    14.Identify the famous work of Tennyson, which influenced by ‘Morte D Arthur’?

    15.How many years morte d Arthur hold the sword in his hand?

    16.Morte de Arthur was written in

    17.Lyonessse is a mythical lost

    18.which season was mentioned in the poem Morte de arthur?

    19.Sir Bediver bore King Arthur to a

    20.Excalibur is a

    21.The poem Byzantium opens

    22.The song of ___heard after the cathedral gong in the poem Byzantium?

    23. _____has been described as "all mere complexities" in Byzantium?

    24.which of the following has been called a miracle?

    25.The blood begotten sprits dance around ______ in the poem Byzantium?

    26.The sprits in the poem Byzantium ride on

    27.Who of the following breaks the marbles of the dancing floor?

    28.The poem "Byzantium" has _____ stanzas

    29.W.B Yeats won Nobel Prize in

    30.Byzantium for Yeats symbolises is an image of