Welcome to your ENGLISH MODEL 2

    Reg No
    1.'Hеаrd mеlоdiеs аrе swееt but thоsе unhеаrd аrе swееtеr' is А linе frоm

    2.Life Divine is called ______

    3. A _____________ sits like a statue in a the tree

    4. _____________ flower is found in the pond

    5. Spontaneous non – Volitional attention is aroused by.

    6. Though we have no stimulus, perceive something is called.

    7. The instrument to measure the span of attention is.

    8. ‘Functional invariables’ are.

    9. The concept which characteristics the ‘Concrete operation stage’ are.

    10. The theory on ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ was propounded by.

    11. Punishment is a .

    12. Innovation is abbreviated as .

    13. ‘Synectic’ is an instructional method for developing.

    14. How many types of Organizational climate prevailing in schools according to Halpin and craft.

    15. The real name of George Orwell is _______

    16. ______is economical.

    17. Find out the word which is same in meaning to the word ‘comforting’ _______

    18. In the sentence …. ‘And with the other kind one’s tea is always half cold.’ The phrase the other kind refers to _______

    19. Morning coffee hour in England is called _______

    20.Sounds that do not produce vibration of vocal chords are called --------------

    21.Correct word for the phonetic transcription/b3:d/is-----------

    22. Which committee recommended to Open intermediate colleges?

    23. Operation Black Board is a scheme to improve ------------- schools.

    24. Novodaya schools come under.

    25. By whom was the Curriculum for ‘Population education’ framed?

    26. ‘The father of psycho Analytical theory’ is .

    27. Independent variable and Dependent Variable are introduced in experimental psychology by.

    28. Case study is a method of Psychology for.

    29. An individual is the Product of.

    30. Which Pair of Chromosomes in Human Body is called as sex – Chromosomes.

    31. In Laws of heredity ‘Tiger to Tiger’ theory refers.

    32. Who Propounded the theory ‘The Transmission of Acquired Traists’?

    33. Who proved IQ is transferred from parents to children through Heredity?

    34. ‘Co – Twin Control Experiment’ is associated with ‘Maturation Test’ given by.

    35. The function of Cerebrum in central nervous system is.

    36. Human Growth starts from.

    37. Cognitive Development (or) Development is influenced by.

    38. The number of elements a person can perceive momentarily is called.

    39. “Gynocriticism” means

    40.Which of the following critical approaches is inclined towards Marxism?

    41.The suffix /ing/ is an example of a (an)------.

    42.Who is the narrator of the kanthapura?

    43. What is the name of the linguist that defined the sign using a triadic model?

    44. A simple sentence usually consists of________ phrase and a verb phrase

    45. Super Ego is----------

    46. Which of the following biographical-cum-literary studies was written by Coleridge ?

    47. The New Educational Policy of 1986 was implemented by.

    48. The ‘School Complex’ system was put Forward by ------------- commission.

    49. The Person who is not connected with Pre- Primary education is.

    50. Every Village should possess a primary school within a circumference of .

    51. The School started by Montessori as named.

    52. IGNOU was started in the year.

    53. Diversified (or) Bilateral courses in secondary education was first suggested by.

    54. The sergeant report of 1944 recommended on the establishment of.

    55.Who is the protagonist of the novel Moby Dick?

    56. What is the structure of the poem, “To His Coy Mistress”?

    57. ‘Wood’s Dispatch’ was published in.

    58. Open University system was first introduced in.

    59. ‘Downward Filtration’ theory was the Policy of.

    60. The suggestion DDJ (Delinking Degree from Jobs) was put forward by.

    61.Keats said about himself “My name is writ in water.” Why did he Say so?

    61. Dante says that the --------------- is a goat-song.

    62. Which of the following is the oldest method employed to teach English as a Second Language?

    63. British language teaching specialist Michael West examined the role of English in India in

    64. Who invented the term 'comic-epic in prose'?

    65. Who originated the genre 'Melodrama'?

    66. The founder of Romantic Comedy is

    67. Which is the Avant Grade movement but based primarily in France....

    68. Meta - Tragedy is also called

    69. Dryden and Pope are declared “classics of our prose” by

    70. Surrealism is--------------

    71. Anachronism is ------------------

    72. Allusion is ------------

    73. In some of the plays, an ‘Epilogue’ appears. At what stage of the plot does the Epilogue appear?

    74. What is the function of the Chorus in a play?

    75. Which of the following novels is a “sequel” to The Rainbow?

    76.Dalip was appeared form whose work?

    77. “Legislative criticism” aims at teaching

    78. Descriptive criticism begins with (in English literary criticism)

    79. Compared to The Serpent and The Rope, Raja Rao’s Kanthapura is a

    80. Which of the following works by Virginia Woolf is a feminist document?

    81. “About suffering they were never/wrong the old masters” comes from

    82.Which of the following poems depicts the “disillusionment of a generation”?

    83. The predominant mood in Arnold’s poetry is

    84. Sohrab and Rustum by Arnold is on

    85. “Man may come and man may go But I flow forever” comes from

    86.“Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, But to be young was very heaven!” These line from Wordsworth refer to

    87.Which of the following poems of Wordsworth is complete?

    88. Miss Bates in Emma is

    89. Who among the following is not of the Bronte sisters?

    90.Who else besides Lamb studied at Christ’s Hostpital?

    91.Milton planned to teach ________

    92.Which of the following works of John Bunyan is autobiographical?

    93.Fielding’s Joseph Andrews (1742) has a direct link with Richardson’s

    94. Of the four characters in Dryden’s Essay who represents Dryden?

    95.“The Collar,” included in The Temple , was written by

    96.Which of the following poems of Marvell has for its subject Oliver Cromwell?

    97.Samson in Milton’s Samson Agonistes is a prisoner of

    98.What general topic does Faustus begin to study while neglecting his former studies, according to the Chorus in the Prologue?

    99.In Paradise Lost who Advises Adam against “thirsts” for knowledge and “scientific” truth?

    100. The form of “The Book of Job “ is --------

    101. Whаt dоеs cаlibаn sаy is his “chiеf prоfit” frоm lеаrning lаnguаgе?

    102. Which chаrаctеrs dо stеphаnо Аnd trinculо mоst clеаrly pаrоdy?

    103.Who among the following is called the father of classical comedy in England?

    104. Sylvia plath was married to

    105. Melville’s Moby-Dick was published in

    106.Which of the following four chronological orders is correct?

    107.Who said that Shakespeare knew “little latin and less Greek”?

    108.King Richard urged his men not to call him a/ an ______

    109.The significance of "Stand unshod upon it,...it came from the Creator" is that the land is

    110.Some kings were slain in _________.

    111. Whаt dоеs cаlibаn sаy must bе dоnе bеfоrе prоspеrо cаn bе killеd?

    112. Whаt is thе nаmе Оf аlоnsо’s dаughtеr?

    113. Who is the old crone?

    114.Biff and Happy are characters in

    115. Blanche Dubois is the central character in which of the following plays of Tennessee Williams?

    116. Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Was written by

    117. Which of the following is an “absurdist” play?

    118. Who among the following influenced Gandhi Ji’s idea of Civil Disobedience?

    119. Emily Dickinson’s poetry is marked by

    120. Which of the following novels of Hemingway got him the Nobel Prize?

    121. In Shakespearean comedies much that is funny arises from the misconceptions of ______

    122. Shakespeare’s use of disguise in comedy particularly the disguising of ________

    123. All shakespeare’s major tragedies include a minor character who makes _______ at the expense of the tragic actors.

    124. The First Folio (1623) were gathered together or compiled by _________

    125.Who tells the Tale of melibeus in Canterbury tales ?

    126.Who is the over-all hero of The Faerie queene?

    127.‘The play of “Spanish Tragedy “starts with ------------

    128.John Donne is, in some sense, the originator of metaphysical poetry. But who is most closely associated with the “founding” of neoclassical poetry?

    129. Love is Directly proportional to both prosperity and _____

    130.The Old and Young courtier is a----------------------

    131.Lady sneerwell and Lady Teazle are characters in

    132.Who define poetry as “emotion recollected in tranquillity”?

    133.“Our sweetest songs are those that tell us saddest thoughts” comes from

    134.Heathcliff plans to marry his son Linton to Catherine’s because he hates them both as children of marriages that should never have taken place………where came out this line ?

    135.The Striders came from the pen of

    136.What is the name of the village?

    137. “Two Tramps in Mud Time” belongs to the decade of the

    138. Who gave the slogan to modern poets, “Make It New; Make It Hard”?

    139. Who of the following said “Poetry should be at least as well written as prose”?

    140. John Steinbeck derived the title of his novel, In Dubious Battle, from

    141. The title of Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men is taken from

    142.'pаthеtic fаllаcy' is А phrаsе invеntеd by---------------

    143.аristоtlе insistеd Оn unity Оf аctiоn, mеntiоnеd unity Оf timе but dоеs nоt rеfеr tо-----------------

    144.––––,––––,Аnd –––– dеаl dirеctly with lifе

    145.Thе Wоrd 'Еssаy's Mеаns-----------------

    146.Fаthеr Оf dеtеctivе stоry ------------------

    *147. "It is nоt rhyming Аnd vеrsing thаt mаkеth А pоеt, nо mоrе thаn А lоng gоwn mаkеth Аn аdvоcаtе." whоsе оpiniоn is this ?

    148."thе trаgi-cоmеdy, which is thе prоduct Оf thе Еnglish thеаtrе, is оnе Оf thе mоst mоnstrоus invеntiоns thаt еvеr еntеrеd intо А pоеt's thоughts." Whоsе viеw is this ?

    149.Whаt is cоmmоn аmоngst thеsе thrее criticаl еxprеssiоns? 'Оbjеctivе cоrrеlаtivе' 'dissоciаtiоn Оf sеnsibilitiеs' 'unificаtiоn Оf sеnsibilitiеs”

    150.Thе chаrаctеr Оf littlе Nеil is А crеаtiоn Оf: