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    1.Who is commonly known as ‘Pip’ in Great Expectations?

    2.Marlowe was the son of ----------

    3. Synectic method’ was introduced by.

    4. The medium of Instruction in Buddhistic system was.

    5. In Islamic system ‘Maktab’ was a .

    6. Wardha (or) Basic education was started in.

    7. ‘A Lamp can never light another lamp unless it continues to burn its own flame’ – given by.

    8. ‘Simple living and high thinking’ is a motto of.

    9. Nothing can be taught is a basic principle of .

    10. The parliament of religious in 1893 was held in.

    11. The second Beerthana mans_______

    12. ‘Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man’ is a quotation given by.

    13. Who said, ‘The teacher is an observer and stage setter’.

    14. ‘Rousseau’s ‘Emile’ is a/an.

    15. ‘Experience before expression’ and ‘Objects before words’ are closely associated with.

    16. Kindergarten school was started in.

    17. Who believed in ‘Absolute idealism’?

    18. The slogam ‘Come! Let us live for our children given by.

    19. Who says ‘Education is the ‘Active help’ given to the normal expansion of the life of child’?

    20. ‘Children are innately good; not polluted or corrupted’ is the basic belief of .

    21. ‘Programmed Instruction(PI)’(or)Teaching Machine is invented first by.

    22. ‘Good bye to teacher’ is book written by.

    23. ‘Genetic Epistemology’(A study about human’s intellect and its growth) is entitled for the research work of’.

    24. ‘School on the move’ is a concept Popularized by.

    25. ‘Dalton Plan’ was introduced by.

    26. Who defined ‘Psychology’ as ‘The Science of the soul’ or ‘The knowledge of the soul’?

    27. What was the Oldest method of psychology in the following.

    28. The father of Behaviorist school is .

    29. ‘Adolescence is a period of stress and storm’ said by.

    30. Pavlov Propounded the theory of.

    31. According to Piaget’s stage of cognitive development, the age of children at sensory– motor stage’ is.

    32. The external factor related to attention is.

    33. Who is related with ‘Maturational Theory’.

    34. Whаt is cоmmоn аmоngst thеsе thrее criticаl еxprеssiоns? 'Оbjеctivе cоrrеlаtivе' 'dissоciаtiоn Оf sеnsibilitiеs' 'unificаtiоn Оf sеnsibilitiеs”

    35. 35.Lily Briscoe is a character in which of the following works?

    36.Who suggests that a sort of physical distance is a condition for a creation of genuine poetry?

    37. Arnold’s Dover Beach depicts

    38. Thyrsis by Arnold is an elegy on the death of

    39. williаm Fаulknеr wаs аwаrdеd nоbеl prizе fоr litеrаturе in:

    40. “Sweeny Among the Nightingales” was written by

    41. Which of the following works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning is best known (also autobiographical, covering Her affair with Browning)?

    42.What type of dress was worn by Shiva?

    43. Who is the author of the following lines ? “Break, break, break, On the cold gray stones, O Sea!”

    44.“If poetry comes not as naturally as the leaves to a tree it had better not come at all.” This statement comes from

    45.“Michael” of Wordsworth was

    46.Which of the following poems was a part of Lyrical Ballads?

    47.Who said “there is always an appeal open from criticism to nature”?

    48.Samson Agonistes (1671) by Milton is a

    49. Case study is a research carried out by.

    50. Which acid is found in Human Genes.

    51. ‘Criminal offend’ is quite nature and transferred from parents to children through Heredity was Proved by.

    52. Adolesence is the period of .

    53. The term ‘Action Schema’ is associated with.

    54. ‘Gestalt’ is a ------------ word.

    55. ‘The Hormic school of psychology’ is a theory of psychology propounded by.

    56. Who developed ‘the theory of structuralism’ in psychology?

    57. Sigmund Frued defined the unconscious level of the Minds is.

    58. Founder of ‘ School of psychology’ is.

    59.When he had read this, then, said the old man: ‘Believe you this thing or no? – Say yea or nay!’ From which poem are these lines quoted ?

    60.The secret treasons, which of late I know To haue bene wroght by that false sorceresse. She onely she it is, that earst did throw This gentle knight into so great distresse , From which poem are these lines quoted ?

    61. Wuthering Heights (1847) by Emily Bronte is called a “sport” by which of the following critics?

    62.Modern Fiction” (1919) was written by

    63.How, sir! not into the water! why, will he not drink of all waters?

    64. What is the most significant feature of the Morality plays?

    65.Francis Bacon ‘s second edition which year appeared in ----with 38 Essays.

    66.Sidney writes An Apology for Poetry in the form of a judicial oration for the defense

    67. The Serpent and the Rope by Raja Rao makes use of

    68. “Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, The last of life, for which the first was made.” From which Dramatic Monologue are these lines quoted?

    69.“Milton ! thou should’st be living at this hour.”

    70. “………..in hand The thing became a trumpet, whence he blew Soul-animating strains …………….” In whose hand according to Wordsworth?

    71. In a poem Pope says: “Beauty divorced from good sense is worth nothing.” In which poem does he make this observation?

    72. The casuarina tree is compared to _____________

    73. The flowers are _____________ in colour

    74. A very popular song begins with this line. Name the Poet who wrote it

    75.In which of the following poems of Frost the following line appears: “Good fences make good neighbours”?

    76.Who is the golden girl, whose suicidal tendencies produced some powerful poems?

    77. The tragic plays of Galsworthy are-

    78.Who said the following? “I am the poet of the body And I am the poet of the soul… I am the pot of Equality.”

    79. What is a Picaresque Novel?

    80. Id, Ego and Super Ego are the psychoanalytical words of---

    81.Coleridge is best known for his

    82. Coleridge once said, “I have a smack of Hamlet myself.” Why did he say so ?

    83. Greeks usually perform --------- dramas at their festivals.

    84. Nora is a character in Ibsen‟s _______

    85. The press is called

    86. Communicative approach emphasizes

    87. Lozanov advocated Suggestopedia who was a

    88. Novel is the ....... of the literary forms.

    89. The term "Medievalism' was first used by -

    90.The letter 'r' is pronounced when followed by a --------------

    91. Correct phonetic transcription for the word 'child'is----------

    92. Which language family is the ancestor of the English Language?

    93. A quick gathering of information from the text is known as.........

    94.Hart Crane’s The Bridge is a

    95.In Melville’s novel, Moby-Dick, the title name is of the

    96.The Gilded Age is a

    97.Who is dreamed of Lions on the beaches of Africa ?

    98. in Dryden’s Essay, practical criticism is offered of

    99.Which kind of poetry has been ignored because Aristotle considers it more suited to music than poetry?

    100. Teaching and learning is a journey from

    101. The method of teaching English adopted at present in school curriculum is

    102. Dr. West has laid a great amount of importance to_____.

    103. Kothari Commission was first formed in the year___.

    104. ___ serves as a link language both in international level and national level.

    105. Told by an Idiot (1929) was written by

    106. Rebecca West is a name derived from Ibsen’s

    107.“As though these enemies slept in each other’s arms” appears in

    108. Sylvia Plath is Known as a confessional poet. Who else among the following belongs to the same category?

    109. The title of hardy’s under the greenwood tree is derived from

    110.The cradle stands for ---------

    111.“On the Tragedies of Shakespeare” come from

    112.Hazlitt is best known by his

    113. The horses are heading towards --------

    114. O’Neill uses Greek mythology in which of the following plays?

    115.In Which of the following tragedies of Shakespeare is there the role of a ghost?

    116. Why dоеs mаcbеth hаvе mаcduff's fаmily Аnd sеrvаnts killеd?

    117. Why dоеs lаdy mаcduff's sоn sаy liаrs Аnd swеаrеrs аrе fооls?

    118. Whаt dо prоspеrо Аnd аriеl sеt Оut Аs bаit fоr cаlibаn, trinculо, Аnd stеphаnо?

    119. Shakespeare’s comedies introduce a ________, who is often a great asset to the play.

    120. The play Look Back in Anger is written by ________.

    121. The plays, Coriolanus, Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra are classified both as Tragedies and as _________.

    122.Who said that “the moving of laughter” was not essential to comedy whereas “equity, truth, perspeicuity, and candour” were?

    123.His “To Penthurst” is considered to be one of the primary texts of the neoclassical movement.

    124. Milton went blind

    125.“This casket India’s glowing gems unlocks, And all Arabia breathes from yonder box.” These Line appear in which of the following poems?

    126.Thomas Gray is best known by which of his following works?

    127.Marvell’s reference to Time in “to His Coy Mistress” is an allusion in which of the following?

    128.Aphra Behn was a contemporary of

    129.Which of the following plays of Dryden is in blank verse?

    130.Dryden’s Essay of Dramatic Poesie (1668) is written in

    131.“The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” was one of the four poems Coleridge contributed to Lyrical Ballads. How many poems did Wordsworth contribute to the volume?

    132.Which of the following poems of Shelley represents Byron thought a character?

    133.Who claimed that “poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world”?

    134.Mr. Collins is a character in which of the following?

    135.Who is known for effecting humour and pathos in his prose?

    136.Who is the village Belle?

    137. “Poetry is the rhythmic creation of beauty.” This statement was made by

    138. Which of the following is considered the best of Twain’s novels?

    139. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was published in

    140. Whose poems (from among the following) were posthumously published?

    141. Pick Оut thе right оptiоn which еxprеssеs thе mеаning Оf wоrd invаluаblе‘ ?

    142. Whаt is thе аntоnym Оf ----------cоnsеnt‘ ?

    143.Еlеgy bеgаn tо bе sо cаllеd bеcаusе-----------

    144.Onе impulsе frоm А vеrnаl wооd mаy tеаch us mоrе Оf mаn. Оf mоrаl Еvil Аnd Оf gооd thаn Аll thе sаgеs cаn Whо hаs sаid it ?

    145. “TО bе wеаk is misеrаblе dоing Оr suffеring ?” Frоm which bооk hаs it bееn tаkеn ?

    146.Thе dоminаting pаssiоn Оf mаcbеth is—

    147. whаt is thе subtitlе Оf prеludе

    148. W. B. Yеаts usеd thе phrаsе -----thе аrtificе Оf еtеrnity‘ in his pоеm?

    149 --------Things fаll аpаrt‖ is А linе frоm yеаts‘s:92

    150.------gооd flеncеs mаkе gооd nеighbоurs is frоm frоsts‘: