35-The cambridge ladies & The American scholar


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    1.How many lines in Cambridge Ladies?

    2.What tragic event may have influenced Emerson in his writing of "Experience"?

    3.who sounds the first clarion of an American literary renaissance?

    4.The scholar is influenced by the past through its

    5.Who says "fragmentation of society is a road block to the progress of a society"?

    6.___is the first and foremost influence on the scholar.

    7.___is with the scholar subordinate

    8.The foremost duty of the scholar is

    9.He is the worlds eye, He is the world's heart.. who is he?

    10.Which magazine did Ralph Waldo Emerson edit?

    11.What is the key doctrine of transcendentalism?

    12.Emerson believes that the scholar's duties are all comprised in what?

    13.According to Emerson, What is our "dictionary?"

    14.What should a scholar be?

    15.Emerson delivered The American Scholar Essay as a speech to

    16. According to Emerson in right state who is called as Man Thinking?

    17. The cambridge ladies is the first poem in

    18.Furnished souls are the analogy of

    19.Delighted fingers suggest

    20. The souls of the cambridge ladies are

    21.Who used only lowercase letters in his poetry?

    22.What do the cambridge ladies delight in eating?

    23. The cambridge ladies live in ___souls

    24. The ladies studied in the ___university

    25. The ladies believe in Christ and

    26.The Cambridge ladies is included in

    27.Cummings went to France and volunteers himself as a ___in World war I

    28. The cambridge ladies are shown to be a set of

    29.The___is referred in the poem "Cambridge Ladies" as a blue lavender cornerless box

    30. According to Cummings, the ladies lack ____