36-The adventures of Huckleberry & Nobel prize Acceptance speech


    Welcome to your 36-The adventures of Huckleberry & Nobel prize Acceptance speech

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    1.Which farm is Jim held captive at?

    2.Where did Huck arrived after escaping from Pap Finn?

    3.Who did Huck pretend at the Phelp's Farm?

    4.Who faked his own death in order to escape?

    5.Down which river do Huck and Jim travel?

    6.What is Mark Twain’s real name?

    7. The Adventure of Tom Sawyer was published in ...........

    8. How many chaper is the adventures of huckleberry finn?

    9. How many dollars Huck and Tom got at the end of Tom Sawyer?

    10.Who called Mark Twain as the father of American literature

    11.Here’s,Huck Finn, he hain’t got no family; what you going to do bout him” Who uttered this line? ___.

    12.__ is a tolerable slim old maid.

    13. __is the second captain of Tom Sawyer Gang.

    14.What does Huck do that he thinks will bring him bad luck?

    15.Who is the narrator of The Adventure of Huckleberry finn?

    16. William Faulkner received Nobel prize and delivered his acceptance speech in the early stages of the

    17.When did William Faulkner get Nobel Prize for Literature?

    18.Which of the following novels is not a work by Faulkner?

    19.Who is the speech addressed to?

    20.According to Faulkner, What is the emotion that is today's tragedy?

    21.Whose voice can help humanity endure and prevail?

    22. Faulkner's nobel speech was delivered in

    23. Faulkner received his nobel prize along with

    24.Faulkner's nobel speech was on

    25.The young writer writes not of the heart but of the ____

    26.Faulkner believes that man will not merely endure, he will

    27.Faulkner calls the poet ____

    28.Faulkner's speech is a ____ speech

    29.Huck and Tom discovered ___dollars in treasure

    30.Huck and Jim encounter ___thieves in conversation