34-Robert frost-mending wall & Birches & West running Brook

Welcome to your 34-Robert frost-mending wall & Birches & West running Brook

1.Who is at fault the second time they mention the wall falling?

2.At what time of year do the neighbors mend the wall?

3.What do the neighbors use to make the stones balance?

4.During spring, the narrator describes himself as

5.Why do they make good neighbours?" In this question, they refers to...

6.What does the neighbor reply when Frost asks why they need a wall?

7.Mending wall is included in

8.The poet's orchard has

9.Frost's neighbor in actually relates to

10.The neighbor asserts that the wall is

11.The mending process is compared to

12.Mending wall is written in

13.Birches was published in the collection

14.What according to the poet, bends the birches trees?

15.How many times Frost won Pulitzer Prize for poetry?

16.Forst’s poem Birches is inspired from

17. "Birches" first appeared in

18.What is one thing that the act of swinging might symbolize? .

19.“Birches” poem's title originally comes from a line in Shakespeare's play, "Macbeth." Which poem is it?

20.From which poem is the following line extracted? “Earth’s the right place for love.”

21.The central idea in West Running Brook is

22.West Running Brook is in a ___tone

23.All brooks, except the one in, West Running Brook flow to

24. Identify the husband in West Running Brook

25.What is the first question asked by the wife in West Running Brook

26.As the wife imagines ___hears her

27.Who is the lady land in West Running Brook

28.The poet compares the wave to

29.The wife sees the river as a

30.The husband sees the river as a

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