33 – Because I could not stop death & To Brooklyn bridge


    Welcome to your 33 - Because I could not stop death & To Brooklyn bridge

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    1.Which word best describe "Death"?

    2.Who was the third passenger in the carriage in Dickinson's poem?

    3.The carriage paused before a

    4.which poem has an incomplete utterance as its title?

    5.What does 'Gazing Grain' indicate?

    6.How long has it been since the speaker died?

    7. "How many stanza does The poem "Because I couldn't.. have?

    8.How does Dickinson use personification in "Because I Could Not Stop for Death"?

    9.Death's carriage in "Because I could not stop Death" holds all of the following except

    10.And I had put away / My labor and my leisure too' - What is meant by these lines?

    11.In “Because I could not stop for Death,” what does the speaker pass by during her carriage-ride with Death?

    12.How many poems were discovered among Dickinson’s belongings after she died?

    13.What does the carriage represent in this poem?

    14.In the poem "Because I could not.. "the speaker wears

    15.The horse heads pointed towards

    16. Which literary genre is used in brooklyn bridge?

    17.Which time is described in the beginning of bridge poem?

    18.The poet personified the bridge as a......

    19.The poet describes the beauty of the bridge during the......... season.

    20.What does the seagull represent in to Brooklyn Bridge?

    21.The Brooklyn Bridge is in

    22.Which bird is mentioned in the poem Brooklyn Bridge?

    23.The image of Bridge at night reminds him of

    24.The bridge is _____ and the east river is sleepless

    25.The poet requests the bridge to fill the space that _____has empty

    26.The wind from the _____ passes through the cables of Brooklyn Bridge

    27.The _____guy went up to the bridge to commit suicide

    28.The brooklyn bridge has ______steps

    29.The cables in the bridge looks like

    30.Hart Crane jumped overboard into the gulf of