Welcome to your PG TRB ENGLISH TOPIC WISE TEST – 6 | 19-01-2022

1.In the Book of Job Who is the Adversary?

2.Job's friends were silent for the first

3.God spoke to Job through the

4.Leviathan is referred to in

5.Who among the following is not Job's friend?

6.The Book of Job has been commonly classified with __literature

7.What feeling does Elihu express on Job and his friends?

8.Who called the Book Of Job "the greatest poem of ancient and modern times"?

9.___didn't speak in the 3rd Cycle

10.Who called Job as 'man of Integrity'?

11.Which is incorrect of the following

12.Job is the greatest (richest) of the people of the _____

13.Satan means Accusor in _____

14.The third messenger said that ________ snatched the camel

15.At first Monologue, Job cursed _____

16.Who is Jemima in the Book Of Job?

17.How many years did Job live?

18. Behemoth and Leviathan are the name of the

19.Job compared his life and death to

20. Job had

21.Who told Job in his troubles to "curse God and die"?

22.By how much was Job's wealth restored at the end of the Book?

23.During sufferings, what did Job wish?

24.Who is the youngest of Job's advisors?

25.Where were Job's sons and daughters feasting and drinking wine when Job's first test occurred?

26."For we are but of yesterday and know nothing, because our days on earth are but a shadow".is said by

27.All are daughters of Job except:

28.How did Satan smite Job?

29.To what did Bildad compare Job’s words?

30.What did Job say his friends were?