Welcome to your PG TRB ENGLISH TOPIC WISE TEST – 7 | 20-01-2022

1. Where was Faustus born in?

2. Who is the servant of Dr. Faustus?

3. Faustus promised to give his soul to the devil if Mephistopheles becomes his servant for

4. Who were the first teachers of magic to Faustus?

5. How did Faustus wrote the deal with Lucifer for selling his soul to him?

6. Who attacked the Pope (boxed the pope’s ear) when he was dining?

7. Who was the German emperor who invited Faustus to his palace?

8. Who did Faustus rescue from the Pope?

9. Who was converted into a stag by Goddess Diana and on whose head Faustus conjured up a pair of antlers?

10. Whom did the German emperor want to see?

11. What did Benvolio do to exact revenge on Faustus?

12. Faustus sold his horse to a man and told not to ride the horse on water. What happened to the horse when the man actually rode it on water?

13. What did the Duchess of Vanholt asked from Faustus?

14. Who asked Faustus to bring Helen of Greece before him?

15. Was this the face that launch'd a thousand ships, / And burnt the topless towers of Ilium." (Act V, Scene I.) who spoke these lines in the play?

16. Faustus left behind all his belongings to?

17. In the end what happens to Faustus?

18.According to chorus, who is swollen with cunning?

19. Dr.Faustus received doctorate in

20.How many scholars appear in the end of the play Dr. Faustus?

21.What does Mephistophilis refuse to tell Faustus?

22.Who wrote Dr Faustus?

23.What is the purpose of the Prologue in Dr.Faustus?

24.What does vengeance mean?

25.What is a soliloquy?

26.Faustus wishes to study necromancy…what is this a study of?

27.Dr. Faustus is a/an___tragedy

28.Dr. Faustus is based on

29.When was Dr.Faustus written?

30.What is the full title of Dr.Faustus?