Welcome to your TNTET PSYCHOLOGY PAPER 2 (NEW) UNIT 2

    1. Which one of the followings indicates child’s physical growth ?

    2. The best method to study growth and development of the child is...............

    3. The use of technology to enhance learning process is called __________ in education.

    4. “Individual learns from his own mistakes” This statement is based on which learning theory ?

    5. Teachers should present information to the students clearly and in interesting way, and relate this new information to the things students.............

    6. Which of the following statements is not true ?

    7. According to John Dewey, school is a __________ institution, and education is a __________ process.

    8. At the pre-primary stage reading aloud while writing is given importance. This is based on which theory of learning ?

    9. The field of study concerned with the construction of thought processes, including remembering, problem solving, and decision-making is called ....................

    10. What is the stage from 2 to 6 years called ?

    11. According to Jean Piaget, children develop abstract logic and reasoning skill during...............

    12. The teacher studies pupils group behaviour mainly by which of the following methods ?

    13. Children are usually egocentric during __________ and __________ stages.

    14. Which of the following brain areas have been shown to be important for memory?

    15. Which one does not indicate child’s emotion ?

    16. According to Jean Piaget, children are no longer egocentric when entering............

    17. Which one is not an element of intellectual development ?

    18. According to Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, the Concrete operational stage starts at age...............

    19. According to Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, the Concrete operational stage starts at age..........

    20. Which one of the following is not an element of mastery learning ?

    21. The more parts of your brain you use, the more likely you are to __________ information.

    22. A priori knowledge is knowledge that is known independently of.......

    23. A person who has just eaten supper completes the word fragment _ o_k as fork (rather than as book or look etc). This is an example of..................

    24. The cognitive school of psychology found it helpful to liken the brain to a(n)........................

    25. What should be the role of teacher in meeting the individual differences?

    26. A few students in your class are exceptionally bright, you will teach them–

    27. Special education is related to–

    28. The word fragment test is used to test a person’s ________ memory.

    29. It is said that teacher should be resourceful, This means that–

    30. After reading an article about a case of cheating on campus, students are likely to over- estimate the incidence of cheating on campus. This is an example of:

    31. The spacing effect suggests that when you study for a test you should:

    32. Magnus was locked in a room. The only way to escape was to force open a window and climb out. Magnus remained locked in the room because he never thought to use his keys to force the window. Magnus’ problem was:

    33. After a stroke, 22-year-old Malik can no longer remember his childhood friends or the vacations he took with his family. Malik is suffering from:

    34. Our tendency to focus on information that is consistent with our beliefs and to ignore contradictory information is called:

    35. ________ information is lost from sensory memory, and ________ information is lost from short-term memory.

    36. Shandra is convinced that her neighbour, Joe, is cruel to his dog. She notices every time Joe shouts at the dog or jerks its lead but she doesn’t seem to notice the times when Joe plays with the dog or gives it treats. This is an example of:

    37. Ivy remembers watching the solar eclipse in amazing detail. She is certain she can remember exactly what she was wearing, who she was with, what music was playing on a nearby radio and even the breed of dog which ran past her just before the eclipse. This is an example of a(n):

    38. Research suggests that if you are sad when you study for a test you are likely to be better at remembering the material:

    39. ________ memory is to first-hand experience as ________ memory is to knowledge about the world.

    40. When she studies for a Psych exam, Melodee always tries to think of ways in which the information she is trying to learn relates to her own life. She is hoping to benefit from:

    41. Research has shown that there is _________________ between the accuracy of a person’s memory and their confidence in the accuracy of that memory.

    42. An intelligent student is not doing well in studies. What is the best course of the action for the teacher?

    43. Which of the following are the External Factors affecting the interest of students in classroom?

    44. Which article enjoins that "All minorities whether based on religion or language shall have the right to establish and administer education institutions of their choice" ?

    45. In CCE, Formative and Summative Assessment totals to–

    46. A few students in your class are exceptionally bright, you will teach them–

    47. Which of the following is not the tool for Formative Assessment in sholastic domain?

    48. If a child has mental age of 5 years and chronological age of 4 years than what will be the IQ of child?

    49. Which of the following does not belong to the categories of Coping strategies that women commonly engaged in–

    50. Which of the following is the true statement in reference to Intelligence?