TN TET ENGLISH – 10 [Paid Batch]


    Welcome to your TN TET ENGLISH - 10 [Paid Batch]

    வாட்சப் எண்
    1. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks. (Identify the pattern)

    2. The number of syllables in the word ‘opportunity’ is ……..

    3.Pick out the odd man out in each of the following group of words.

    (Q.No. 4-12) Complete the story using one of the adjectives from the options.

    It was a (4)…….day. A fox had just entered a (5)……. garden. Among the many (6)……..things in the garden was a vine laden with bunches of grapes. One of them was a (7)……bunch which hung invitingly over the fox’s head. The very sight of it made the fox feel (8) ……..He leapt up at the grapes (9)…..times. but they were too (10)….for him to reach. After a (11)………time he decided to give up trying. He went away declaring that the grapes were (12)…..this is the origin of the expression “sour grapes”. 










    13. Which can be placed after sea?

    14. I will discard these letters. (Replace with phrasal verbs)

    15. What is the plural for son-in-law?

    16. He is still sleeping,-------------- (Fill in the blanks with suitable tags)

    17.The common expansion of TNPSC is:

    18.“Chinese” country is called ………..?

    19. Read the short conversation given below. Identify the language function in italicized sentence

    Shrimathy : That remark was uncalled for
    Venu : I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said it.

    20. Choose the right question to italicized part as the answer:

    Hari is writing a letter. 

    21. Pick out the word that can replace the italicized phrase in the sentence given below

    She went for him with a camera

    22.Choose the correct relative Pronoun This is the place___I was born

    23. She has been waiting for him …… two hours

    24. A postman is one ……… delivers us letters.

    25. Before the bell ring the students ……… the hall

    26. Which is correct from the following

    27. I----------him yesterday.

    28. A notice was exhibited ….. the notice board

    29. Polar- questions are …….

    30. Choose the correct sentence:

    31.Notice is generally issued for.

    32.Read the following sentences and rewrite them into passive voice. Choose the right answer from the given alternatives:

    She drives a car.

    33. Whose habits does a little child adopt?

    34.Read the dialogues and choose the most appropriate options to complete the dialogues.

    Tom : ---------------
    Mary :Are you kidding? We are in June.
    Tom : So what? What's wrong with June?
    Mary : The right time to trim your roses is the beginning of winter, when they lose their flowers.

    35.When you are writing a formal letter to an editor, what information do you include?

    36. Which of the following options would correctly fill in the blank seen in the given dialogue?

    Teacher : Hello, Smitha! How are You?
    Smitha : Fine, ma’m thank you.
    Teacher : …………………?
    Smitha : I was not well.

    37. The sentence, “Take a left turn and go straight” is an expression for

    38. Which of the following is the best instruction for asking children to bring their textbook everyday?

    39. “No, Murali doesn’t want to leave early,” is the answer to the question

    40. How the sentences can be combined correctly without changing the meaning?

    Raman has to complete his homework. He can’t go out. The correct combination of the sentences is

    41. Identify the correct word to fill in the given blank: If I ………. Rich, I would help the poor.

    42. Identify the reported form of the given sentence:

    My friend said, “You must accept this gift.”

    43. Identify the grammatical function of the underlined part of the sentence:

    He ran through the wooden door. 

    44. Fill in the blank choosing the correct word.

    He is an ………… of the school. 

    45. Fill in the blank with the correct form of the word.

    I …… on Thursday. But on Thursday I had terrible cold. So I decided to wait till Saturday. 

    46. The phrasal verb ‘peter out’ means ……

    47. The return address refers to ……..

    48.Let me but live my life from year to year, With forward face and unreluctant soul; Whom does the word ‘me’ refer to?

    49.choose the right passive for ‘Rani is selling stamps’.

    50. Mention the figure of speech below the poem of the first line.

    “We can pull and haul and push and lift and drive,
    We can print and plough and weave and heat and light,
    We can run and race (jump) and swim and fly and dive,
    We can see and hear and count and read and write”