Prologue to Cantabury Tales


    Welcome to your Prologue to Cantabury Tales

    1.Which of the following quotations from - The Prologul is the best example of imagery?

    2.The Canterbury Tales is structured as a

    3. In the opening lines of “The Prologue” to The Canterbury Tales, the narrator

    4.The narrator in “The Prologue” to The Canterbury Tales appears to be

    9.Why did the Friar promise to tell a tale poking fun at a Summoner?

    5.In “The Prologue” to The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer’s characters are

    8.What was the result of the fight between the Wife of Bath and her fifth husband?

    6.In describing the Friar as “a noble pillar to his Order,” Chaucer uses

    7.What does the Wife of Bath think of marriage?

    10.Why was everyone at The Tabbard? a. There was a band of highwaymen on the road and the people were afraid to travel.

    11.Which detail is least directly connected to characterization?

    12.The member of the clergy given the most admiring, flattering description is the —

    13.The Haberdasher, the Dyer, the Carpenter, the Weaver, and the Carpet-maker are all —

    14.You know the Cook’s dishes may not be quite as appetizing as might be hoped when Chaucer mentions that the Cook —

    15.Which is incorrect from the following

    16.These people were in the nun's group.

    17.What tradesmen were there?

    18. He was from Dartmouth, didn't ride well, and was a good navigator. He had little conscience about killing the enemy, and seemed rather like a pirate.

    19.He knew his profession well, and took kickbacks from one in another profession. He was not particularly religious. He was dressed in red and blue-gray garments, and loved gold.

    20.This pilgrim was truly Christ-like; patient, giving, holy and virtuous, and didn't believe in pomp or glory. He practiced what he preached.

    21.Whose slogan is "if gold gets rusty what aboutiron"?

    22.He had a red face full of sores. He ate onions and drank too much. He would take bribes. he had a garland of flowers on his head and held a cake like a shield.

    23.Who sang loudly "come hither love to me"?

    24. What is ironic about how the Pardoner gets people to repent from the sin of avarice?

    25.A sailor appears in the prologue to Canterbury Tale. The sailor ship name was

    26.The doctor of psysic is also expert in

    27.The knight had fought ___in tournaments

    28."He slpet no moreo than doth a nightingale"-who is he?

    29.Who took oath on St.Loy (Eligus)?

    30.The color of the breads in the prioress rosary is