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    1.Which of the following is not "art" in the Greek sense of the word?

    2.Which is the best kind of anagnorisis?

    3.What does Aristotle mean by imitation?

    4.What does 'dramitas' mean?

    5.Which of the following is not one of the "three unities"?

    6.Which of the following is NOT a part of Aristotle's definition of tragedy?

    7.Who among the following dealt with the five contexts of poetry?

    8. Who called T. S. Eliot a historical critic?

    9.Who among the following wrote a book named The New Criticism?

    10.Allan Tate’s “Tension in poetry” appears in the book

    11.In New Criticism, the key term ‘tension’ is associated with :

    12.John Dryden described a major English poet as “a rough diamond, and must first be polished ere he shines .....” Identify him :

    13."Principal of Literary Criticism" and "Practical Criticism " are the works of ________.

    14.Who called Dryden the Father of English Criticism ?

    15.Who coined the phrase 'Objective Correlative'?

    16.Which work of Eliot is considered to be the menifesto of his critical creed ?

    17.Aristotle was the most distinguished disciple of ------

    18.How many chapters does “poetics” contain

    19.The first four chapters and the twenty fifth chapter of “poetics” is devoted to------

    20.Aristotle calls poet an -------

    21.Imitation, according to Plato, is -------

    22.What, according to T.S.Eliotis neither a slavish imitation nor a mere repetition of what has already been achieved?

    23.Who praised the English Metaphysical poets of the seventeenth century, especially John Donne,and the nineteenth century French symbolist poets that included Baudelaire and Jules Laforgue because of the radical innovations in poetic technique and subject matter?

    24.What is considered superior to the epic since it contains all the elements that give pleasure along with music and spectacle?

    25.Which essay begins with the title: “Few of us are prepared to accept the statement that the language of poetry is the language of paradox”?

    26.In which essay does T.S.Eliot comment that“a perpetual slight alteration of language; words perpetually juxtaposed in new and sudden combinations” in poetry?

    27.Who wrote the essay “The Critical Monism of Cleanth Brooks”?

    28.Which group of critics opposed the propositions of the New Critics on several grounds?

    29.From which book is the essay “The Archetypes of Literature” taken from?

    30.The Metaphysical Poets’ is a critical essay by______?

    31.The metaphysical poets employed many extended comparisons, also known as:

    32.The Father of Critical Essay is

    33.Who is considered as the Father of Analytical Criticism?

    34.Eliot calls Romantic Age as ___Age

    35.Who found a direct sensuous apprehension of thought in Chapman and Donne?

    36. The Epigraph used in "Four Kinds of Meaning" is from

    37. "Four Kinds of Meaning" is extracted from ____criticism

    38. Poetry is a sprit was uttered by

    39.A man writing scientific treaties will put ___ first

    40.Cowley compares the World to a ___in "To Destiny"

    41.Dissociation of sensibility set in the___ century

    42.A Discourse concerning satire is the sub title of

    43.Who is considered as the Father of English Prose-Style?

    44.Which work of Ben Johnson is applauded by Dryden?

    45.Who has a large heart and more comprehensive soul by Dryden?

    46. "The most learned and judicious of dramatist" is

    47. Shakespeare is appreciated by

    48. In the "Essay of Dramatic poesy" Lord Buckhurst takes part as

    49.In the "Essay of Dramatic poesy" Sir Robert Howard takes part as

    50. In the "Essay of Dramatic poesy" Sir Charles sedley takes part as

    51.In the "Essay of Dramatic poesy" Dryden is none other than

    52. "Essay of Dramatic poesy" is dedicated to

    53.Allen Tate to the ___group of American critics

    54.Allen Tate literary works as

    55. Political poetry is for the sake of

    56.Personal poetry is for the sake of

    57. Which poem of James Thompson is referred to by Tate?

    58.Keats discusses Negative Capability in his letter to

    59. In his Letter, Keats compares Life to

    60. "Hymn-To Light" fails in

    61.Cleanth Brooks examines ___in poetry

    62.To Brooks, poem never contain ___statements

    63.The name of a single quality in all good poetry is

    64.Archetype means

    65. Spectale refers to

    66. The soul of tragedy is

    67. Aristotle finds ___constituent parts in tragedy

    68. The last part of tragedy is

    69.Catharisis means purgation of

    70.The arrangement of events in a tragedy is

    71.Coleridge introduces ___into criticism

    72.Which among the following is superior?

    73.Coleridge finds secondary imagination in

    74.Who among the following is a romantic critic?

    75. Who said "Myth is a message from ourselves to ourselves?

    76. Who advocated the inductive method of Criticism?

    77.Northrop frye cites the example of

    78. ___of Keat's Letters survive till date

    79. The First letter of Keats is written to

    80. Who speaks about the pseudo platonic conception of genres

    81.Which work of Keats was in Mitonic style?

    82. Who gave a copy of Spencer‟s Faerie Queen to Keats?

    83. Who propounds four kinds of Tragedy?

    84.Who used short syllables in his work?

    85.Which magazine criticized „Endymion‟ as nonsense?

    86. Who believed that without historical sense human life and history come to end

    87. Who recognised without historical knowledge writers could misunderstand the past?

    88.Danto‟s Divine comedy is example for

    89.Who introduced “painted Scenery” in tragedy?

    90.Shakespeare‟s sonnet 16 is example for which ambiguity?

    91. For Coleridge _____ is the dress of poetic genius.

    92.Dr. Johnson points out that Shakespeare sacrifices virtue over _______ in his tragedies.

    93.According to Aristotle a tragic hero should be a mixture of virtue and ____.

    94.Seven is an archetype associated with______?

    95.Which is true of Arnold‟s criticism?

    96. Which School of Criticism is also Called Green Studies ?

    97.In which chapter of Biographia Literaria Coleridge criticize the theory of language of Wordsworth ?

    98.In which work Samuel Taylor Coleridge introduced the term ’willing suspension of disbelief’ in 1817 ?

    99. In which Chapter of Biographia Literaria (1817) does Coleridge make a distinction between Fancy and Imagination?

    100.Keats wrote letter to Shelley on