Welcome to your PG TRB ENGLISH MODEL EXAM- 4

    1. Effectiveness of teaching has to be judged in terms of

    2.In which teaching method learner’s participation is made optimal and proactive?

    3.One of the most powerful factors affection teaching effectiveness is related to the

    4. Assertion (A): Formative evaluation tends to accelerate the pace of learning. Reason (R): As against summative evaluation, formative evaluation is highly reliable. Choose the correct answer from the following code:

    5.The statement “ the study, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware” refers to

    6. Sustainable development goals have specific targets to be achieved by

    7. Indian government’s target of producing power from biomass by the year 2022, is………………..

    8. Which of the following core value among the institutions of higher education are promoted by the NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council)? (a) Contributing to national development. (b) Fostering global competencies among students and teachers. (c) Inculcating a value system among students and teachers. (d) Promoting the optimum utilization of the infrastructure. Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

    9. The best way for providing value education is through

    10. According to the poet the casuarina tree is _____________

    11.Who are out lawed?

    12.What is there upon it?

    13."Astrophel and Stella" is a:

    14. Macavity is a fiend in _________ shape.

    15. Macavity’s coat is _________ from neglect.

    16. Macavity moves like a __________.

    17.Dickens is best known for his

    18.Whose worked came out “a parasite’----------?

    19. Which of the following pairs of Tennyson’s poems is appropriate?

    20. Which of the following poems of Tennyson is an elegy on the death of his friend Arthur Hallam?

    21. George Eliot’s Middlemarch(1871-72) is called an epic novel, comparable to War and Peace, By which of the following critics?

    22. Arnold’s “The Function of Criticism at the Present Time’’ makes out a case for

    23. Arnold’s “touch-stone’’ method values

    24.Who among the Romantics had “never seen the mountains”?

    25.Who, among the following, heard “the still, sad music of humanity”?

    26.“To me the meanest flower that blows can give\Thoughts that do often lie deep for tears.” These line are from Which of the following poems?

    27. Of the following names gives to Restoration Comedy, which one is most appropriate?

    28.Which of the following works derives its title from a chapter-heading in The Pilgrim’s Progress?

    29.Johnson’s edition of Shakespeare with his famous “Preface came out in

    30.“Johnsonese” in prose style is known for

    31.Johnson’s statement, “His similes are less numerous and more various than those of his predecessors’” is made about

    32.Who is the author of the following? “learn hence for ancient rules a just esteem; To copy Nature is to copy them.”

    33.Paradise Lost, begun in 1658, and issued in 1667, had how many books?

    34.Earl of Essex looked fresh with his lovely -----------.

    35.What is necromancy?

    36.Who narrates the first tale in Chaucer’s Canterbury tales?

    37.The Spanish Tragedy was registered in

    38. Who wrote the following? “was this the face that launched a thousand ships and burnt the topless towers of illium?”

    39.In which of the following essays of Bacon do we have the jesting pilete

    40. Whеrе dоеs аriеl put thе mаrinеrs Аnd bоаtswаin аftеr Thе Tеmpеst?

    41. Whеrе did sycоrаx imprisоn аriеl?

    42. Shаkеspеаrе‘s plаys аrе mоst оftеn writtеn in –

    43. By whаt mеаns dоеs brаbаntiо bеliеvе оthеllо hаs ―tаkеn‖ his dаughtеr dеsdеmоnа?

    44.“Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown” occurs in

    45.Shakespeare’s Roman plays are based on which of the following sources?

    46. “ The Hollow Crown” is an extract from __________.

    47. King Richard needed ___________.

    48. King Richard wanted to tell sad stories of the _________.

    49.Who among the following is called the New England Poet?

    50.What type of boy Whitman was?

    51.Who among the following is called “the Sage of Concord”?

    52.About whom did Dryden say the following? “He was the man who of all modern, and perhaps ancient poets, had the largest and most comprehensive soul.”

    53.Shakespeare acted in which of the following plays of Ben jonson?

    54. Which of the following is the last novel of William Faulkner?

    55. Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller is

    56. Which of the following plays of O’Neill is autobiographical?

    57. Which of the following novels of Hemingway is about Arfica?

    58.Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” an “King Lear” are based on ___ Chronicles.

    59. The word Tragedy was derived from the ______ word.

    60. The word ‘Tragedy’ derives from the Greek word tragoidia, which means __________.

    61. Tragedy is a work that has a/an ______.

    62.In literature, some of Shakespeare's most powerful plays were written in that period (for example The Tempest, King Lear, and Macbeth), as well as powerful works by John Webster and ________.

    63. Of Studies was the part of a collection of ____________.

    64.In which poem of Spenser is 'Sweet Thames' described

    65.Who among the following is not a Metaphysical poem?

    66.Squire Alworthy is similar to

    67.For whom did Browning say, “For a handful of silver he left us”?

    68.Shelley’s The Defence of Poetry (1821) was provoked by

    69.Who wrote “Imitation of Spenser”?

    70. “What I aspired to be And was not, comforts me. ”These lines reveal the optimism of

    71.Who is the priestess of Agbala?

    72. Who writes the following? “I ride my elephant of thought A Cezanne slung around my neck”

    73. Who wrote The Dark Dancer and Too Long in the West?

    74. Aurobindo’s Savitiri is

    75. Who among the following said, “My tongue in English chains….”

    76. Which of the following is based on Katha-sarit-sagara?

    77. Markandaya’s The Nowhere Man (1973) is about

    78. Dryden’s Essay of Dramatic Poesy develops through dialogues amongst four interlocutors. One of the following is not one of those interlocutors. Interlocutors him :

    79. Frye says that Criticism should be learnt like-----------

    80. “Keats was a Greek born in England.” Why is it said so?

    81. Plot is divided into ----------types.

    82. An excellent instance of a well-knit plot is

    83. The well-known instance of the novel of action is

    84. Donne and his followers were christened 'Metaphysical Poets' by-

    85. „Metaphysical Poetry', as it stands today, implies -

    86. ABL method helps the learners to .......

    87. The room is big. Give the kind of Adjective .

    88. The pronoun ‘who’ also serves as a _____.

    89. Suppose you want to teach the word 'Pat'. Which one of the following is the easiest way to teach it?

    90. Reading a passage from the Supplementary Reader for enjoyment and expansion of information is called............

    91. Who rejected the structuralist view that the function of linguistics was simply to provide a classification and a terminology to talk about language?

    92. ‘Which’ is used for _____

    93. Who used the term 'Oedipus complex' for the first time?

    94. "It believes nothing can be known in itself" - relates to

    95. Most important part to shape modern poetry and word imagism was coined by

    96. How many types are there in literary Criticism?

    97. Gifted individuals

    98. Which of the following activities do you think is the best for the development of the mind of a child?

    99. Primary purposes of intelligence testing include ________.

    100. An IQ score above _______ signals intellectual giftedness.

    101. Inclusive education refers to a school education system that

    102. According to the Dalton Scheme of education; which one of the following is dominant?

    103. Which is the correct sequence of stages in Piaget’s theory of cognitive development?

    104. Who is known as the father of educational psychology?

    105. Gifted students will realize their potential when

    106. A critical factor in reducing the dropout rate involves

    107. You are asked to organise a picnic. Which one of the following will be your first step?

    108. “At least one – third of learning that will determine later levels of school achievement has already taken place by the age of six. “This is a statement most closely associated with the writings of

    109. In your opinion, a successful teacher is one, who

    110. Sports, according to you

    111. Perhaps the best way to view gender typing is as

    112. In your class, a student is not able to answer a question due to fear even if he knows it. You will

    113. In ………………………………. Stage, the child is beginning to understand the operations of classification, relations, numbers, temporal and spatial order.

    114. According to Kohlberg's cognitive theory of the development of gender typing, children's differentiation of gender roles occurs before

    115. Insecurely attached infants who are left by their mothers in an unfamiliar setting often will:

    116. Which of the following sex differences has been observed in the way parents treat their children?

    117. In the sentence beginning with the phrase, "The great red hills,"( Cry the Beloved Country) the author employs all of the following devices EXCEPT :

    118.My sоul hаd bееn А lаwn bеsprinklеd О‘Еr with flоwеrs, Аnd Stirring shаdеs, Аnd bаfflеd drеаms is Аn еxаmplе Оf:

    119. The word "shod" in context is best interpreted as

    120. Who endowed Sarojini Naidu the title ‘The Nightingale of India?

    121.Which locality of Indian English users is mentioned in this poem?

    122. In which language did Girish Karnad direct movies?

    123. What is the parallelism that exists between America and India?

    124. Indian English Drama begins with

    125. The playwrights who wrote contemporary drama were

    126. Indian English is a living , practical language. Its features are ………………………….

    127.The sole aim of journalism should be of _________.

    128. which language family major groups nine …………..?

    129.Where can we meet Hari?

    130. Which is the second unity according to Dryden?

    131. Which of the following poem is not included in the Lyrical Ballads

    132. Who said that in the poems of the metaphysical poets “the most heterogeneous ideas are yoked by violence together”?

    133. “A thought to …was an experience; it modified his sensibility”

    134. Who called poetry “the breath and finer spirit of all knowledge”

    135. What, according to I. A. Richards refers to the effect being promoted or conjured up in the poem?

    136. Close reading focuses on -------

    137. Who among the following wrote a book named The New Criticism?

    138. Who coined the term intentional fallacy?

    139. Who coined term affective fallacy?

    140.The sentence “The fragrance spread everywhere,” follows the ___________ sentence pattern.

    141.“Thus leant she lingered – joy and fear! Thus lay she a moment on my breast.” In whose poetry do these lines appear?

    142.What type of novel is Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’?

    143.Which novel depicts the growth and development of the character Pip?

    144.Which of the following is not a Ted Hughes poetry collection?

    145.………. are representative of Benare herself and more specifically of the devastation she feels at the prospect of losing her child and livelihood.

    146. Objective type questions are not useful for evaluating the following:

    147. ………..holds that the poet is ‘possessed’.

    148.………suggests “to judge the literariness of literature by aesthetic criteria, and the greatness of literature by extra-aesthetic criteria.

    149.‘One may be a poet without being a versifier and versifier without being a poet’- is said by……..

    150 ……… is known for his Irony as Principle of Structure.