Welcome to your PG TRB ENGLISH TEST UNIT 8 Set 2 (121) Mcqs

    1._____argues thatcultural practices are structures like art,music,film sports etc.

    2. Literature according to critics is _____

    3.Feminine phase came into existence in the year____

    4. Who argued thata canon of women author do exist?

    5. Elaine Showalter coined the term _______

    6. English Education came to India in ______________

    7. The approach which views language as a bundle of structures and learning is called ___.

    8. The method of teaching English adopted at present in school curriculum is____.

    9. FCA is in opposition to ________.

    10. Communicative Language Teaching replaced basically______.

    11. A test of listening comprehension is a test of

    12. Organization of arguments and ideas in paragraphs is an important aspect of

    13. ‘Brain storming’ means

    14. ‘Interactive’ listening is

    15. Which of the following is an incorrect assumption in language teaching

    16. Reading skill can be developed best by

    17. Mother tongue influence can be effectively minimized in the classroom by

    18.Lord Jim (1900) mad famous which of the following author?

    19. “Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” From which Dramatic Monologue are these lines quoted?

    20. What is the central theme of George Bernard Shaw’s Man and Superman?

    21. The tragic plays of Galsworthy are-

    22. “Fail I alone, in words and deeds? Why? all men strive and who succeeds?” From which Monologue are these lines quoted?

    23. “Preface” to which of the following novels of Conrad expresses his theory of the novel?

    24. Mrs. Warren’s Profession (1894) is a play by

    25. A ‘Soliloquy’ is defined as the ‘loud-thinking of a character. Who can hear this ‘loud thinking’?

    26. How many Dramatic Unities were recommended by the Greeks?

    27. Thomas More got the inspiration for writing his Utopia from:

    28. What is a Picaresque Novel?

    29. One of the following novelists is not one of the ‘Four Wheels of the Van of The English Novel’. Mark him out:

    30. Which of the following plays of Shaw is a satire on bourgeois democracy?

    31.The Forsyte Saga (1906-22) by Galsworthy is a

    32. The Japanese ‘Noh’ drama, which Yeats and Pound followed, is essentially

    33. Whose ambition was it to achieve poetical poetical and legendry drama?

    34. Which of the following is a science fiction novel?

    35. E.M. Forster worked as secretary to the Maharaja of

    36. Who among the following said, “I have desired , like every artist, to create a little world Out of the beautiful, pleasant and significant things of the marred and clumsy world.”

    37. The ‘Coffee House Culture’ flourished in

    38. Who Succeeded Robert Bridges as the Poet Laureate of England?

    39. Which is supposed to the first regular tragedy in English?

    40. The central theme of Galsworthy’s Strife is-

    41. “The Law is what it is-a majestic edifice, sheltering all of us, each stone of which rests on another.” In which play of Galsworthy do these lines occur?

    42. Who is the author of the popular One-Act play A Night at an Inn?

    43. What is the central thought of G.B. Shaw’s play Augustus Does His Bit?

    44. What kind of play is Mr. Sampson by Charles Lee?

    45. Dickens said about one of his novels: “I like this the best”. Who novel was he referring to?

    46. James Joyce initiated:

    47. Which of James Joyce’s novels resembles a vast musical composition?

    48. Which of the following novels of D.H. Lawrence has autobiographical overtones?

    49. D.H. Lawrence called one of his novels Thought Adventure. Which of these?

    50. The phrase’ religion of the blood’ is associated with:

    51. D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover is generally called an obscene novel. Why?

    52. Virginia Woolf was the daughter of an eminent critic. Which of the following?

    53. A character in Virginia Woolf’s novels changes his sex. Which is that novel?

    54. Aldous Huxley borrowed the title Brave New World from:

    55. The name of Bill Walker’s girlfriend is _______

    56.“Modern Fiction” (1919) was written by

    57.Oh, East is East, and West is West, And never the Twain can meet.” Who holds this view?

    58. Why were the Interludes introduced?

    59.George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four is:

    60.Who is the author of The Scorpian God?

    61. Who is the author of Born in Exile?

    62. who said that “in or about December, 1910, human Character changed”?

    63. In which year was Bernard Shaw awarded the Nobel Prize?

    64. What is the most significant feature of the Morality plays?

    65. “Others abide our question. Thou art free. We ask and ask-thou smilest and art still, Out-topping knowledge.” These lines are written about Shakespeare. Who has written them?

    66. “Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, The last of life, for which the first was made.” From which Dramatic Monologue are these lines quoted?

    67. There were four famous theatrical Cycles enacting the Morality plays. One of the following four names given below is wrong. Which one?

    68. John Heywood’s Interlude entitled 4pp (or 4p’s) caricatures four professionals whose pro-fessions begins with P.In the four professionals listed below, one is wrong. Which one?

    69. In some of the plays, an ‘Epilogue’ appears. At what stage of the plot does the Epilogue appear?

    70. What is the function of the Chorus in a play?

    71. Which of the following novels is a “sequel” to The Rainbow?

    72. Which of the following by Joyce is a “mock-heroic” novel?

    73.Which of the following is not associated with high modernism in the novel?

    74. In the 1930s, younger writers such as W. H. Auden were more but less than older modernists such as Eliot and Pound.

    75. Which best describes the imagist movement, exempli_ed in the work of T. E. Hulme and Ezra Pound?

    76. Howdid one critic sum up Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot?

    77. Which of the following was originally the Irish Literary Theatre?

    78. Which British dominion achieved independence in 1921-22, following the Easter Rising of 1916?

    79. In The Dubliners, which best describes the order of the story arc?

    80. In The Dubliners, which literary device does Joyce use most frequently?

    81. In The Dubliners, which literary style is used?

    82.Virginia Wolf : To the Light House ::

    83.William Golding got Nobel Prize for his-

    84. There are ------------types of narratives.

    85. “A thought to Donne was an experience; it modified his sensibility,” comes from

    86. Descriptive criticism begins with (in English literary criticism)

    87. Aristotle, while comparing epic and tragedy, holds

    88. According to Aristotle, the worst plot is

    89. Dryden’s An Essay of Dramatic Poesy was published in

    90. in Dryden’s Essay, practical criticism is offered of

    91. “To vindicate the honour of our English writers from the censure of those who unjustly prefer the French before them” was the purpose of

    92. Who among the speakers in Dryden’s Essay represents Dryden himself?

    93. Coleridge is actually the spokesman of

    94. Coleridge’s Lectures on Shakespeare were delivered in

    95. The Mirror and the Lamp (1953) was written by

    96. Who published the “Specimens of English Dramatic Poets”?

    97. “On the knocking at the Gate in Macbeth” is the work of

    98. De Quincey’s essay on Macbeth can be accused of

    99. Matthew Arnold raised his voice against

    100. Who prophesized that poetry would replace religion?

    101. Dramatic monologue is uttered to -------------

    102.Which kind of poetry has been ignored because Aristotle considers it more suited to music than poetry?

    103. The theory of Deconstruction is proposed by ------------

    104. Surrealism is--------------

    105. Anachronism is ------------------

    106. Allusion is ------------

    107. Objective Correlative is associated with-----------------

    108. Semiotics is the study of--------------

    109. Archetype is the -------------

    110. Hamartia means-----------

    111. Willing Suspension of Disbelief is associated with-------------

    112. Who made application of the “Touchstone Method” in criticism?

    113. Who finds Shelley “an ineffective angel bating his wings in the void”?

    114. Who among the following was influenced by the French critic Saitne-Beuve?

    115. Dryden and Pope are declared “classics of our prose” by

    116. James’s “Prefaces” to his novels were edited under the title The Art of the Novel (1834) by whom?

    117. Who developed the concept of “central intelligence or consciousness” in the novel?

    118. T.S. Eliot’s seminal book of critical essay’s The Sacred Wood, came out in …………..

    119. Who calls Shakespeare’s Hamlet the Mona Lisa of literature?

    120. Who says, “The Poem’s existence is somewhere between the writer and the reader”?

    121. The Spirit of the Age (1825) was written by