PG TRB ENGLISH TEST UNIT 10 Set 1 (110) Mcqs


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    1.According to Aristotle, the common feature of all arts is __________________.

    2.Function of tragedy is to produce ____________.

    3. Peripety and Anagnorisis are two important aspects of ____________ plot.

    4. _______________ indeed is the major concern of Poetics.

    5. According to Aristotle a tragic hero should be a mixture of virtue and __________.

    6. “A ____________ is to Shakespeare what luminous vapours to the traveler”.

    7. Which of the following are features of Neo Classicism?

    8. According to Doctor Johnson it is natural in Shakespeare to write __________.

    9. Doctor Johnson was a _______________.

    10. Neo Classical period was the golden period of _____________.

    11. Who is the composer of The Prelude?

    12. The Lyrical Ballads came out first in _________________.

    13. Which of the following is the characteristic of Romanticism?

    14. Subjectivity is one of the features of Romanticism.

    15. Romantics attached great importance to __________________.

    16. Who is the writer of Biographia Literaria?

    17. The Rime of Ancient Mariner is composed by_____________________.

    18. What according to Coleridge is the prime agent of all human perception?

    19. Which of the following is the voluntary action of the mind?

    20. For Coleridge ___________ is the dress of poetic genius.

    21. According to Aristotle, the common feature of all arts is __________________.

    22. Function of tragedy is to produce ____________.

    23. Another name Aristotle gave to poetry is ___________.

    24. _______________ indeed is the major concern of Poetics.

    25. According to Aristotle a tragic hero should be a mixture of virtue and __________.

    26. Dr. Johnson points out that Shakespeare sacrifices virtue over ____ in his tragedies.

    27. Dr. Johnson defends Shakespeare’s mixing of _____ as it is also a frequently happening phenomena in real life.

    28. According to Dr. Johnson it is natural in Shakespeare to write __________.

    29. Dr. Johnson was a _______________.

    30. Wordsworth is also called poet of __________.

    31. Who is the composer of The Prelude?

    32. Wordsworth regards life of _____ as the right stuff for the subject matter of poetry.

    33. Sidney defended poetry against the charges raised by __________.

    34. Greek Philosophers durst not a long time appear to the world but under the masks of ____________. (An Apology for Poetry)

    35. According to Sidney poetry is superior to _________.

    36. Who is the writer of Biographia Literaria?

    37. The Rime of Ancient Mariner is composed by_____________________.

    38. What according to Coleridge is the prime agent of all human perception?

    39. Which of the following is the voluntary action of the mind?

    40. For Coleridge ___________ is the dress of poetic genius.

    41. Who is the Founding trustee of the Griffin Poetry Prize?

    42. Like any art, poetry is defined by Aristotle as what?

    43. In what three ways does Aristotle differentiate various art forms from one another?

    44. Aristotle explains that the medium specific to poetry is one that uses what?

    45. How does Aristotle differentiate poetry from prose?

    46. The object poetry portrays is what, according to Aristotle?

    47. In which chapter of Biographia Literaria Coleridge criticize the theory of language of Wordsworth ?

    48.VPoetry is emotions recollected in tranquility.” Who has defined poetry in these words ?

    49.In which poem Coleridge refers to ”My shaping spirit of Imagination”

    50. Why were the Ancient Mariner and his companions so cursed? A) Because they were cursed for killing an Albatross B) Both C) Because they were cursed for killing an animal D)None

    51. In ---------------, morality is the essence.

    52. To Poetics metre is the proper form of poetry and poetry is imperfect without metre

    53. Dryden introduces------------- into England

    54. Chapter XIV of Biographia Literaria contain’s Coleridge’s view on-----------

    55. Who Says “Poetic imagination as a repetition in the finite mind of the eternal act of creation in the infinite I am”

    56. “Poems like poets, are born not made” - Who says?

    57. In ‘An Essay on Dramatic poesy”, Dryden has confined his discussion mainly to the --

    58. ------------ is responsible for popularizing several Archetypical characters

    59. “Lemon-squeezing criticism” is a kind of criticism by--------------

    60. In --------------- “Art and Neurosis” he takes exception to the psychological concept that “art is an expression of neurosis”

    61. “A poetics of Tension” begins with a discussion of --------------

    62. A chain of events which shall be the formula” to convey a particular emotion in a work

    63. It is a mode of narration, which presents a character’s mental process in which sense perceptions mingle with conscious and half conscious thoughts

    64. Frye’s all methods in the essay ‘The Archetypes of Literature” fall under -----------

    65. In the tragic vision of life, the ------------- world of myth is seen in terms of deserts, rocks etc

    66. ------------ in literary criticism means identifiable character types in a variety of works of literature

    67. ----------means, something which will be under stood in more than one way, something uncertain, something unclear

    68. -----------------means a manifestation a revelation of God

    69. A character presents its --------------- through verbal expressions and interaction

    70. the essay ‘The Archetypes of Literature’ was included in the --------------

    71. According to Frye the total system of convention is -------------

    72. The trend begins with the text but it moves away from the text and from literature

    73. Rhythm imitates the --------------- of the natural cycle

    74. Coleridge considers imagination ---------------

    75. -------------says that the historical sense was an actual faculty of the mind, “a sixth sense”

    76. According to T.S. Eliot, the mind of the poet is the shred of -----------

    77. Who holds the view that there is no essential difference between the language of poetry and the language of prose?

    78. Trilling reassures the new critics that the sense of the past exists “side by side with the ----------of the work”

    79. Tate uses the word ‘extension’ to indicate ------------ aspects

    80. What does the name ‘Neander’ mean?

    81. Who says “use of poetry is to convey an indecision, and its reverbation in the mind”

    82. According to Brooks ---------- qualifies the meaning of an utterance

    83. T.S. Eliot uses ------------- poetry as most prominent example of united sensibility and thought

    84. -------------is entitled to join in the dialogue in Dramatic poesy on an equal footing with the three oldermen who are his social superiors

    85. The recurrent narrative patterns of Frye is called as --------------

    86. The first type of ambiguity in William Empson’s ‘The seventh type of Ambiguity” is

    87. Part I of Tate’s essay ‘Tension in poetry’ deals with the ---------- in poetry

    88. The pioneer of practical criticism is -------------

    89. ‘Negative capability’ is a associated with the works of -----------

    90. Who employed the term metaphysical poetry?

    91. In the ‘Essay of Dramatic poesy” ‘Eugenius’ argues for the--------

    92. Aristotle distinguishes the genres of poetry in three ways: matter, subjects and ----------

    93. Coleridge distinguishes between fancy and imagination drawing on the German philosopher ------------ distinction

    94. Who is associated with the technique, “The stream of consciousness”?

    95. “Catharsis” was introduced by --------------

    96. “Dissociation of sensibility” is a phrase popularized by -------------

    97. “The most heterogenous ideas are yoked by violence together” remarked on the Metaphysicals by-------

    98. ‘Negative capability’ was coined by-------------

    99. Keats wrote love letters to -------------

    100.‘The telescoping of images’ - used by T.S. Eliot refers to the poetry of ------------

    101. Coleridge calls secondary imagination as -------------

    102. “Willing suspension of disbelief” is a phrase by------------

    103. Which one of the following does not belong to ‘Four kinds of meaning’?

    104. ‘My imagination is a monastery and I am its monk” is by --------------

    105. “A thought to Donne was an experience”. It modified his sensibilities” is by

    106. Who wrote the ‘Biographia Literaria’?

    107. The word “Personality” persona means ----------

    108. Who first used the term ‘Metaphysical’?

    109. Who called Coleridge ‘an archangel slightly damaged’?

    110. ‘The Essay on dramatic poesy” is in the form of -------------

    111. “We hate poetry that has a palpable design upon us” who said?

    112. Who wrote ‘Seven types of Ambiguity”

    113. The Term ‘ Object correlative’ was introduced by T.S. Eliot in his -----------

    114. “Language used by men should be the language of poetry” whose views?

    115. The first English critic to base his literary criticism on philosophical principle was ---------------

    116. In practical criticism, I.A Richards links four kinds of meanings in most human utterance to four aspects

    117. Om Aristotle’s poetics the imitation is complete in --------------have a beginning, a middle and end

    118. The term ‘Practical criticism’ is coined by-----------

    119. Who among the following is not a formalist critic?

    120. The title ‘The New criticism’ published in 1941, was written by ------------

    121. ‘There is nothing outside the text’ is a key statement emanating from -------------

    122. The term ‘ Intentional Fallacy’ is first used by

    123. William Empson’s “Seven Types of Ambiguity” is a ------------

    124. Which one of the following is realted to “Hamartia”

    125. ---------------among the following is the life of literature

    126. Catharsis is ---------------

    127.What is ‘Art’ according to Aristotle?

    128. ‘Anagnorisis’ means-----------------

    129. “If I am not declined, a play is supposed to be the work of the poet imitating or representing the conversation of several persons” These are the words of -----------

    130 .“The river Po is both a ………… and an ……….. image ………… Francesca is her sin and her sin is embodied in this image, we are entitled to say that it is a sin that we can both hear and see”

    131. From which book does I.A. Richards quote at the beginning of “Four Kinds of Meaning”?

    132. How many chapters are there in Aristotle‟s Poetics?

    133. Which is the comedy of Homeer?

    134. How many constituents form the tragedy?

    135.In New Criticism, the key term ‘tension’ is associated with:

    136. Chaueer satirizes the Monk because the Monk :

    137. An English architect and stage-designer – Beginning 1605, joined Jacobean court to design masques – contributed significantly to the spectacular theatre which succeeded the commonwealth after his death – the first designer to use revolving screens to indicate scenechanges on the English stage. Identify this artist/designer.

    138. __________ may be defined as any departure from the rules of pronunciation or diction, for the sake of rhyme or metre, or an unjustifiable departure from fact.

    139. “Fair is my love, and cruel as she’s fair; Her brow-shades frown, although her eyes are sunny”. The above lines are characterized by :

    140. John Dryden described a major English poet as “a rough diamond, and must first be polished ere he shines .....” Identify him :

    141.In the Defense of Poesy Sidney says : “ Now as in geometry the oblique must be known as well as right and in arithmetic, the odd as well as the even, so in the actions of our life who seeth not the filthiness of evil wanteth a great foil to perceive the beauty of virtue”. Which of the following forms of poesy offers a foil that helps us perceive the beauty of virtue ?

    142.While compiling what sort of book did Samuel Richardson conceive of the idea for his Pamela or Virtue Rewarded ?

    143. Who among the war Poets gained notoriety in 1917, when disenchanted with the way the war was being conducted he drafted his letter of “wilful defiance of the military authority” which captured attention in the House of Commons, and was forcibly admitted to the war hospital at Craiglockhart, primarily to avoid his being court-martialled ?

    144. If you cannot understand an argument and remark, “It’s Greek to me”, you are quoting __________.

    145.”A thing of beauty is a joy for ever” A verse tale of Keats begins with this line, Which of the following tales?

    146. Keat’s La Belle Dame Sans Merci is a

    147.Pure poet is the title is given to

    148.How many sonnets did John Keats write?

    149.”O for a life of sensation rather than the thought” Who said this

    150. Keats used the sonnet form which?