English Test – 01


    Welcome to your English Test - 01 [Paid Batch]

    1. Add a prefix to the word violet:

    Sometimes _________ violet rays are harmful.

    2.Reading made him a complete man.

    (Identify the pattern)

    3. You wouldn’t like to invite my Dad,……...

    (Fill in the blanks with suitable tags)

    4.Which can be placed after "water "

    5.The common expansion of IPC is:

    6. Grandmother had wanted the peepul tree cut down because of …………

    7.Language of the Notice should be ————.

    8.An effective method of learning a language is:

    9. Read the dialogues and choose the most appropriate options to complete the dialogues.

    Mother : Why are you studying in the living room?

    Son :---------------

    Mother : Then we will ask your father to look at it when he comes home.

    Son :It will be great as I can't concentrate on my lessons thoroughly in this room.


    10.What would you write in the opening part of a formal letter?

    11. Choose the correct phrase to fill in the sentence.

    She ……….. living in Chennai since 1989.

    12. Fill in the blank with correct Homophone.

    I thought it might ……….

    13. Change the given verb into noun form :


    14. In each of the following sentences, an idiomatic expression or a proverb is highlighted select the alternative which best describes its use in the sentence.

    The police will leave no stone unturned to discover the murderer

    15.Choose the correct Article for the following sentence

    I saw___one rupee note

    In the following passage, there are blanks each of which has been numbered. Against each number, four words are suggested find out the appropriate word in each case.

    A rich land owner was on his deathbed, gasping for breath. He told his three sons to    dig under his bed when he was gone, and he died. Some days later, the sons dug at the spot and unearthed three pots, (16) one above the other. The first pot contained mud, the middle contained dried cow dung and the (17) pot contained straw. Below this pot three was a silver coin. The brothers were puzzled. “Obviously, father meant to (18) some message to us through the pots and their contents, said the eldest brother. They (19) for a  while but (10) of them could come up with an explanation. Finally they decided to (20)      their doctor, who was also a family friend. The doctor laughed when he, heard about   their problem. ‘Your father loved puzzles,’ he said, ‘The interpretation is simple. The topmost pot contains mud you say, that (21) he wants his eldest son to have his fields.  The second pot contains cow dung. It means he wants his second son to have his (22) of  cattle. The last pot contains straw. Straw is golden coloured that means he wants his  youngest so to have all his gold.’ The brothers were happy with the way their father had  divided his wealth and appreciated the doctor’s (24). ‘The silver coin at the bottom of the  pots? What does it mean?’ asked the youngest brother. ‘Your father knew you would  come to consult me,’ smiled the doctor, ‘The coin is my (25).











    Rearrange the following sentences in proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph, and answer the given question.

    1. The farmer called his neighbours and asked them to help him put mud into the well but the mule thought that he was calling the neighbours to help him get out of the well.
    2. A farmer wanted to get rid of his old mule and buy a new one but the mule always came back from wherever the farmer left him.
    3. He walked away from his cruel master and never returned.
    4. One day the mule fell into the well and the farmer thought, ‘why not buy it there so that I don’t have to worry about getting rid of it?
    5. The mule started shaking off all the mud that fell on him and kept climbing on the leap of mud as it fell into the well, soon he was on top of the mud heap and he easily got out of the well.
    6. When they started putting mud in the well the mule realized his master’s plan and started thinking of ways to say himself.

    26. Choose the correct order of the sentences from the list given below:

    27. One who specializes in skin diseases is called as ………

    28. He is reluctant to ask for permission or leave early.

    29. choose the word which is most opposite in meaning of the word given.




    31. how many meaningful English words can be formed with the letters OTE using each letter once?

    The following sets of ideas / objects have some common feature / function. Spot the odd one out.

    Eg: bag, basket, hat, bucket

    Ans: hat – the others are used for carrying things.


    33. choose the appropriate word and fill in the blank

    I do not know what ………… my father choose that particular school

    34. A muscular wall below rib cage is called ………

    35. Abbreviations are the shortened form of a …………

    36. What is the meaning of the idiom ‘get cold fest’ …..…

    37. What animal is found, by taking the fifth letter of the second word, the ninth letter of the first word, the sixth letter of the fourth word and the fourth letter of the their word?





    38. A horse is tied to a 30 feet rope. A haystack lies 40 feet away, but the horse is able to eat it. How is this possible?

    39. In the Active Learning Method (ALM) Mind map is drawn to check the …..... of the students.

    40. Identify the compound sentence:

    41. The reported speech consists of.

    42. The conjunction used for ‘WH’ type interrogative sentence in reported speech is.

    43. The direct form of ‘that night’ is.

    44. In reported speech there should be a.

    45. ---------------- is used as a subject, an object and also a complement.

    46. On his arrival everyone shorted. Here ‘on his arrival’ is a/ an.

    47. Identify the sentence which has no phrase.

    48. Direct speech can be called as.

    49. Which one of the following is correct?

    50. Read the following sentences and rewrite them into passive voice. Choose the right answer from the given alternatives:

    I have done my work.