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    Welcome to your 6th biology (English medium) (NEW0

    1. Which state is known as Spice garden of India?

    2. Arrange ascending order as per water content

    3. Which pair is rightly matched as per deficiency disease

    4. Match the correct pair1. Calcium a, anemia 2, Iodine b, Disintegration of bones and teeth 3, Iron c, Goiter 4, Protein d, kwashiorkar

    5. Which pair is correctly matched as per the mode of nutrition No Nutrition Organism 1 Autotrophic - Euglena 2 Parasitic - Cuscuta 3 Ectoparasite - Headlouse 4 Endoparasite - Round worm 5 Saprophytic - Mushroom

    6. Lack of which vitamin cause Loss of Excessive blood ?

    7. The name CELL given by?

    8. A - A cell which do not have membrane bound organelles and nucleus is Prokaryotic Cell, B - A cell which contains , nuclear membrane and membrane bound cell organelles nucleus is Eukaryotic Cell,

    9. Find out the wrong statement I, Plasma membrane controls exit and entry of the material in Cell II, Nucleus is controlling center and carry genetic characters in cell III, Mitochondria is known as power house of the cell. IV, Endoplasmic reticulum helps in transportation of materials in cell.

    10. Find out the correct pair I - Chlorophyll = Green color; II - Carotene = orange Pigment III- xanthophyll = Yellow pigment

    11. The book "Origin of species " was written by

    12. A: snake heart is 3 chambered , B: snakes are oviparous but Anaconda is viviparous

    13. Common cold is caused by which virus

    14. Chicken pox is caused by which virus

    15. Penicillin is discovered by

    16. The example of Molluscs is

    17. Find out the Odd one

    18. Tusks of Elephant is

    19. Echinoderms organism is

    20. A: Paddy comes under monocot plant , B: Monocot plant has fibrous roots.

    21. Maize has ……….

    22. On the lower side of the leaf, there are tiny pores or openings known as ______

    23. The underground part of the main axis of a plant is known as ______

    24. The stalk of the leaf is known

    25. The diameter of the leaf of Victoria amazonica is

    26. Choose the set that represents only biotic components of a habitat.

    27. Which one of the following is a unicellular organism

    28. Euglena moves with the help of

    29. Scurvy is caused due to the deficiency of _______

    30. Bacteria are very small microorganism.

    31. Night Blindness is caused due to the deficiency of

    32. Name the sunshine Vitamin

    33. _______ is a highly rich source of protein.

    34. The minerals are called by this name:

    35. Ben Ben is caused due to the deficiency of _______

    36. Paramecium moves from one place to other with the help of

    37. The pigment present in leaf to absorb light is

    38. Which one of the following is not a unicellular organism?

    39. Most organelles in a eukaryotic cell are found in the

    40. _______ connect bone to muscle.

    41. ______ muscles are found in the walls of the digestive tract, urinary bladder arteries, and other internal organs.

    42. The bronchi divide further and end in small air sacs called

    43. The ecosystem that originated without human intervention is called

    44. Plants are producers because they make their own food by _______

    45. The micro-organisms that obtain energy from the chemical breakdown of dead organisms is called

    46. India produces ______ million kilos of solid waste every day.

    47. Which are the source of food and energy for all living organisms in the world.

    48. Aloe ______ is used as a laxative

    49. One of the following birds is an example of plant-pollinator

    50. A newborn baby has ……….. bones.