40-Thought the paraclete & who's afraid of virginia woolf


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    1.How old are protagonists George and Martha, respectively?

    2.To what child's toy does George compare his and Martha's son?

    3.What is George's position at the college?

    4.What department is Nick going to work in?

    5.George was an athlete in college. What sport did he play?

    6.What language does George recite his prayer in?

    7.Edward Albee won Pulitzer Award three times for his plays.. In following plays, which did not win the Pulitzer award?

    8.What does George's fake gun shoot instead of bullets?

    9.What is the real song-line on which Albee's "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?" is inspired?

    10.When the doorbell rings, we have a scene set for:

    11.From where do George and Martha stumble home?

    12.Martha's favorite pastime is:

    13.What do George and Martha call each other?

    14."Fun and games" characterize much of the play. Which game is not mentioned in the play?

    15.Who said the following: "You can stand it! You married me for it!"

    16.What is the main reason George had to "kill" his son?

    17.How many lines are in thought the paraclete?

    18.In this poem, 'Thought the Paraclete' the poet describes the sky is

    19.In this poem, 'Thought the Paraclete' the poet compares _______ to paraclete

    20. 'Thought the Paraclete' is a

    21.Which mind is not mentioned by Aurobindo in "Thought of Paraclete"?

    22. How many movements is said by Aurobindo in Thought of Paraclete?

    23.Archangel is a

    24.Hippogriff possesses the front part of

    25. Hippogriff is a symbol of

    26.In this poem, 'Thought the Paraclete' the poet compares thought to

    27.Paraclete is ___word

    28. Which mind moves to Illumined mind?

    29.In thought the paraclete Which flies into the dream?

    30.In first movement, the thought is _____in the vasts of God?