39-Hairy Ape & The death of salesman & Dying eagle


    Welcome to your 39-Hairy Ape & The death of salesman & Dying eagle

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    1.The dying eagle is compared with?

    2.The Dying Eagle is published in the collection of

    3.Which is not a theme of The Dying Eagle?

    4.The Dying Eagle is the personification of

    5.The speed and sound of Aeroplane remind of

    6. What had 'gone out from his vanquished eye's in Dying Eagle?

    7.Which month is referred in "The Dying Eagle "?

    8.Which bird is not mentioned in the poem "The Dying Eagle"?

    9. The Andes mountains is located in

    10.Eagle sees lightning in the new bird's

    11.Yank searches Mildred in

    12. Yank was imprisoned in

    13.Mildred visited to stoke hole with the___Engineer

    14. "Filthy Beast" expresses Mildred's

    15. The Irish stoker on the Trans atlantic Liner is

    16. Who is compared to Rodin's "The Thinker"?

    17.What animal does Mildred compare herself to?

    18.Who sings “Oh, whiskey is the life of man! Whiskey! O Johnny!”?

    19.How does Yank pronounce “think”?

    20.What did Mildred study in college?

    21.What sport had Biff excelled at in high school?

    22.When Willy’s father left his family, he moved to:

    23.How much money does Willy want Biff to borrow from Bill Oliver?

    24.What did Willy’s father sell?

    25. At the opening of the play, Willy Loman returns to his home in

    26. Willy plays cards with

    27. Willy asks Stanley to direct him to

    28.Howard has a___that frightens Willy

    29. What subject did Biff fail in high school?

    30. Uncle Ben works in