31- Antony and cleopatra & shakespeare's other works


    Welcome to your 31- Antony and cleopatra & shakespeare's other works

    1. Why does Antony have to return to Rome?

    2. Why does Ventidius say his army is so successful?

    3.Who passes out at the state dinner from drink and must be carried to shore?

    4. Of what does Octavius accuse Antony?

    5. What does Agrippa want Antony to do?

    6. What trick does Cleopatra claim to have played on Antony when he was drunk?

    7. Of what does Cleopatra accuse Antony?

    8. What do the soothsayers comments suggest?

    9. What does the message Antony receives from Octavius and Lepidu demand?

    10. What is the triumvirate attempting to negotiate in Sicily?

    11.In which play does Shakespeare attack the Puritans?

    12.Frailty thy name is a woman! in which play does this line occur?

    13.The character of Hernia appears in

    14. What is the name of Antony’s Sword?

    15. What Character beside Cleopatra dies by the bite of Caranda?

    16.In which play this line appears ”All that glitters is not gold”

    17.Whom does Antony order to kill him?

    18.what is "the tawny front" upon which antony has returned his view?

    19.Cleopatra is in her

    20.Who announces Antony's death to Ceaser?

    21.What sign of bad omen do Antony's soldiers encounter the night before war?

    22.Whom does Cleopatra send to Antony with a false report?

    23.William Shakespeare's main source for Antony and Cleopatra is the writer

    24.Which is not a Four Great Tragedy?

    25."Bottom" is a character in

    26.In which play Falstaff doesn't appear?

    27.Which is a Dark comedy of Shakespeare?

    28.Which is not a Roman play?

    29.Which play has the song? -Under the Greenwood tree?

    30.Which of these plays by Shakespeare uses a statue to reveal a most dramatic secret?