30 – Measure for measure & Shakespeare notes


    Welcome to your 30 - Measure for measure & Shakespeare notes

    1.Who's head Nun in Measure for measure ?

    2.In order to go unrecognized among his subjects, the Duke is disguised as a

    3.What is the "general rule of the theater"?

    4.Angelo compares illegitimate children to:

    5.Duke Vincentio calls his subjects:

    6.Who is supposed to be executed along with Claudio?

    7.When Angelo's conditions for Claudio's release are met, Angelo

    8.Mistress Overdone is:

    9.What else does Angelo do to clean up the city, besides sentencing Claudio?

    10.What evidence is there that Claudio committed fornication, orlechery?

    11.The Duke's assumed name when he dresses up as a friar is:

    12.Who convinces Isabella to advocate for her brother?

    13.The name of the silly, muddled constable is:

    14.Where does Measure for Measure take place?

    15.Which crime is Claudio charged with?

    16.Why did Angelo abandon his former lover, Mariana?

    17.What does the Duke ask Isabella to do at the end of the play?

    18.What is the name of Claudio's flamboyant bachelor friend?

    19.What moral failing makes Lord Angelo loathsome?

    20.Who does Claudio ask Lucio to find, so that he or she can appeal to Angelo on his behalf?

    21.Where Shakespeare was baptised?

    22.The sonnets are almost constructed of _____ stanzas.(except 99th sonnet )

    23.The rhyme schemes of his sonnets are _____.

    24.The Passionate Pilgrime is an anthology of ________ numbers of poems.

    25.Shakespeare’s first poem was __.

    26.The first poem of Shakespeare was published in ______.

    27.The longest play of Shakespeare is ______.

    28.The shortest play of Shakespeare is _______.

    29..Which one of the following is a Shakespearean word?

    30.Who said, ”Shakespeare has only heroines and no heroes”