1. The mass of a body is measured on planet Earth as M kg. When it is taken to a planet of radius half that of the Earth then its value will be ….. kg.

    2. If the Earth shrinks to 50% of its real radius its mass remaining the same, the weight of a body on the Earth will..................

    3. Which of the following lens would you prefer to use while reading small letters found in a dictionary?

    4. If VB, VG, VR be the velocity of blue, green and red light respectively in a glass prism, then which of the following statement gives the correct relation?

    5. Assertion: There is no effects on other end when one end of the rod is only heated. Reason: Heat always flows from a region of lower temperature to higher temperature of the rod.

    6. Assertion: Gas is highly compressible than solid and liquid Reason: Interatomic or intermolecular distance in the gas is comparably high.

    7. Assertion: In a simple battery circuit the point of highest potential is the positive terminal of the battery. Reason: The current flows towards the point of the highest potential.

    8. The work done in moving a charge of 2 C across two points in a circuit is 2 J. What is the potential difference between the points?

    9. The velocity of sound in a gaseous medium is 330 ms-1. If the pressure is increased by 4 times without causing a change in the temperature, the velocity of sound in the gas is _____.

    10. The sound waves are reflected from an obstacle into the same medium from which they were incident. Which of the following changes?

    11. In which of the following, no change in mass number of the daughter nuclei takes place _____. (i) α decay (ii) β decay (iii) γ decay (iv) neutron decay

    12. Which of the following statements is/are correct? (i) a particles are photons. (ii) Penetrating power of γ radiation is very low. (iii) Ionization power is maximum for a rays. (iv) Penetrating power of γ radiation is very high.

    13. Assertion: Atomic mass of aluminium is 27 Reason: An atom of aluminium is 27 times heavier than 1/12 th of the mass of the C-12 atom.

    14. Assertion: The Relative Molecular Mass of Chlorine is 35.5 a.m.u. Reason: The natural abundance of Chlorine isotopes are not equal.

    15. The process of coating the surface of the metal with a thin layer of zinc is called ____.

    16. Assertion: Magnesium is used to protect steel from rusting. Reason: Magnesium is more reactive than iron.

    17. A solution in which no more solute can be dissolved in a definite amount of solvent at a given temperature is called ______.

    18. Solubility of NaCl in 100 ml water is 36 g. If 25 g of salt is dissolved in 100 ml of water how much more salt is required for saturation.................

    19. A reaction between carbon and oxygen is represented by C(s) + O2(g) → CO2(g) + Heat. In which of the type(s), the above reaction can be classified? (i) Combination Reaction (ii) Combustion Reaction (iii) Decomposition Reaction (iv) Irreversible Reaction

    20. Which of the following statements are correct about a chemical equilibrium? (i) It is dynamic in nature (ii) The rate of the forward and backward reactions are equal at equilibrium (iii) Irreversible reactions do not attain chemical equilibrium (iv) The concentration of reactants and products may be different.

    21. The molecular formula of an open-chain organic compound is C3H6. The class of the compound is................

    22. Assertion: Detergents are more effective cleansing agents than soaps in hard water. Reason: Calcium and magnesium salts of detergents are water soluble.

    23. The layer is morphologically homologous to the endodermis found in the root which is.................

    24. A vascular bundle in which phloem is on both the sides of the xylem and separated from it by strips of cambium is said to be.............

    25. If the dental formula of rabbit is 2023/1023 What does it show?

    26. A temporary clitellum occur during the breeding season in.........

    27. A patient with blood group O was injured in an accident and has blood loss. Which blood group the doctor should effectively use for transfusion in this condition?

    28. Which one of the following regarding blood composition is correct?

    29. Dendrites transmit impulse ______ cell body and axon transmit impulse ______ cell body.

    30. The neurons which carries impulse from the central nervous system to the muscle fibre _____.

    31. To increase the sugar production in sugarcanes they are sprayed with .............

    32. Assertion (A): Application of cytokinin to marketed vegetables can keep them fresh for several days. Reason (R): Cytokinins delay senescence of leaves and other organs by mobilisation of nutrients.

    33. Which gland secretes digestive enzymes and hormones?

    34. A single highly coiled tube where sperms are stored, get concentrated and mature is known as ______.

    35. Name the hormone responsible for the vigorous contractions of the uterine muscles.

    36. The follicle that ruptures at the time of ovulation promptly fills with blood, forming.............

    37. If a round green seeded pea plant (RRYY) is crossed with wrinkled, yellow seeded pea plant,(rrYY) the seeds produced in F1 generation are...............

    38. In the new complementary strand of DNA, in one strand, the daughter strand is synthesized, as a continuous strand called ______

    39. In pea, a pure tall plant (TT) is crossed to a short plant (tt). The ratio of pure tall plants to short plants in F2 is....................

    40. The term Ethnobotany was coined by.............

    41. Wings of locust, pigeon and bat are example of...........

    42. A basket of vegetables contains carrot, potato and tomato. Which of them represent the correct homologous structures?

    43. Which method of crop improvement can be practised by a farmer if he is inexperienced?

    44. Himgiri developed by hybridisation and selection for disease resistance against rust pathogens is a variety of...........

    45. In a hexaploid wheat (2n = 6x = 42) the haploid (n) and the basic (x) number of chromosomes respectively are ______.

    46. A group of plants produced from a single plant through vegetative or asexual reproduction are called a pureline.

    47. Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to...................

    49. The best diagnosis of cancer is done by.............

    48. The gas released from vehicles exhaust are: (i) carbon monoxide (ii) Sulphur dioxide (iii) Oxides of nitrogen

    50. A cheap, conventional, commercial and inexhaustible source of energy is _____