Welcome to your 10th BIOLOGY (ENGLISH MEDIUM NEW)

    1. The xylem and phloem arranged side by side on same radius is called:

    2. The innermost layer of the cortex is:

    3. The powerhouse of the cell or ATP factory of the cells _____.

    4. This is the first step of both Aerobic and Anaerobic respiration _____.

    5. The vascular bundle in the leaf is:

    6. Number of pairs of salivary glands present in Rabbit is:

    7. Which one of the following is not a characteristic of leech?

    8. A temporary clitellum occur during the breeding season in:

    9. Saliva of leeches contains an anti coagulation called:

    10. The wall of Rabbit’s heart is thick due to the presence of:

    11. Water which is absorbed by roots is transported to aerial parts of the plant through ______.

    12. The wall of the human heart is made of ______.

    13. Which is the sequence of correct blood flow?

    14. A patient with blood group O was injured in an accident and has blood loss. Which blood group the doctor should effectively use for transfusion in this condition?

    15. Which one of the following regarding blood composition is correct?

    16. In reflex action, the reflex arc is formed by:

    17. The outer most of the three cranial meninges is:

    18. Assertion: Corpus callosum is present in space between the duramater and . piamater. Reason: It serves to maintain the constant intracranial pressure.

    19. Uni polar neurons are found in:

    20. Among the following which one controls our anger.

    21. The functional connection between two neurons is called:

    22. Which of the following pair is correct?

    23. A healthy person got injured resulting in damage and death of a few cells. Which of the cells are least likely to be replaced by new cells:

    24. The number of pairs of spinal nerves in human being is:

    25. Inner layer of Axon is:

    26. Assertion (A): Pituitary gland is referred as “Master gland”. Reason (R): It controls the functioning of other endocrine glands.

    27. Pick out the hormone which maintain mineral metabolism.

    28. Among the following, which one is attached to the hypothalamus.

    29. Which of the following is not natural occuring plant hormone?

    30. Hypothyroidism in adults causes:

    31. The plant which propagates with the help of its leaves is:

    32. Syngamy results in the formation of:

    33. Pick out the correct statement:

    34. The follicle that ruptures at the time of ovulation promptly fills with blood, forming:

    35. If menstrual cycle is 30 days and bleeding starts on 1st day, then ovulation occur on:

    36. The region of the chromosome where the spindle fibres get attached during cell division:

    37. Okazaki fragments are joined together by ______.

    38. The number of chromosomes found in human beings are:

    39. Believers of spontaneous generation theory believed that:

    40. A basket of vegetables contains carrot, potato and tomato. Which of them represent the correct homologous structures?

    41. In a hexaploid wheat (2n = 6x = 42) the haploid (n) and the basic (x) number of chromosomes respectively are ______.

    42. Himgiri developed by hybridisation and selection for disease resistance against rust pathogens is a variety of:

    43. Assertion: Excretion of excess glucose in urine is observed in a person with diabetes mellitus. Reason: Pancreas is unable to produce sufficient quantity of insulin.

    44. Assertion (A): Cancer is a contagious disease. Reason (R): It is transmitted from a patient to a healthy person by casual contact.

    45. The fatty streak, plaque leads to the narrowing of blood vessels lead to ______.

    46. Assertion (A): To prevent hunting is not wildlife conservation in the real sense. Reason (R): Some animals may multiply to the extent that they exhaust the food supply.

    47. Assertion (A): Natural habitats of plants and animals should not be destroyed. Reason (R): This is necessary for the conservation of biotic resources.

    48. Assertion (A): Energy efficient bulbs like CFL must be used to save electric energy. Reason (R): CFL bulbs are costlier than ordinary bulbs, hence using ordinary bulbs can save our money.

    49. Assertion (A): Rainwater harvesting is to collect and store rain water. Reason (R): Rainwater can be directed to recharge the underground water source.

    50. Which of the following statement is wrong with respect to wind energy?