PG TRB ENGLISH FREE ONLINE TEST-27-To the light house & The power and the glory




Welcome to your 27 – To the light house & The power and the glory

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1.What does Calver want to give to the priest?

2.What "game" does Coral teach the whiskey priest?

3.What is the whiskey priest's daughter's name?

4.What is the whiskey priest's crime?

5.What is the name of the book that the whiskey priest leaves at the dentist's house, and what language was it written in?

6. What kind of Bible does the whiskey priest critique at the Lehr's house?

7. When the whiskey priest is taken to prison, how much money does he have?

8.The novel The Power and the Glory is set in ?

9.The title The power and the Glory is an allusion to the _______

10.What is the setting of the novel in the mexican state?

11.Where do Mr. Tench and the priest like to travel ?

12.Who is administrator of an out post of the Central American Banana Company?

13.Who did not allow the police to search the outpost?

14.How much did the lieutenant offer the whisky Priest in the prison?

15.Who is the father of Coral?

16.What will outlive the memory of Shakespeare, according to Mr. Ramsay?

17.To whom does Lily show her painting?

18.Who originally asks to go to the lighthouse?

19.What article of clothing does Mrs. Ramsay make for the lighthouse keeper’s son?

20.Who tells Lily that women can never paint or write?

21.Who chooses Mrs. Ramsay’s jewelry for the dinner party?

22.Who accompanies Mr. Ramsay to the lighthouse at the novel’s end?

23.Who rescues the house from the disastrous effects of time?

24.What does Minta Doyle lose on the beach?

25.Woolf's stream-of-consciousness writing was inspired by ______.

26.What is To the Lighthouse a radical departure from?

27.'The Window' opens before the start of which war?

28.Which character languishes in literary obscurity until his verse becomes popular during the war?

29.Which Ramsay daughter sails with James and Mr. Ramsay to the lighthouse?

30.To what animal or object does Woolf compare Mr. Ramsay?