PGTRB – PHYSICS QUIZ TEST QUESTION-01 /Tamilnadu Teachers Recruitment Board (TRB)

Tamilnadu Teachers Recruitment Board (TRB) announces every year PGTRB exam. TRB will recruit teachers for Higher Secondary schools. These exams normally called PGTRB Exam (Post Graduate Teacher Recruitment Board Exams ).

Basic Qualification is PG Degree with B. Ed.,. Eligible Degrees will be announced with PGTRB Exam notification in TRB Official website.

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Question: 1

Mica is used in an electric iron because it is a

(A) Good conductor of heat

(B) Bad conductor of heat

(C) Good conductor of electricity

(D) Bad conductor of electricity

Question: 2

Which one of the following pairs of rays is electromagnetic in nature?

(A) Alpha rays and beta rays

(B) X-rays and gamma rays

(C) Beta rays and gamma rays

(D) Cathode rays and X-rays

Question: 3

X-rays cannot pass through

(A) Wood

(B) Flesh

(C) Glass

(D) Bone

Question: 4

The carbon filament is invented by

(A) Ampere

(B) Edison

(C) Volt

(D) Newton

Question: 5

Which of the following device is fully duplex?

(A) Walky-talky

(B) Radio

(C) Mobile phone

(D) Loud speaker

Question: 6

The blue colour of sky is due to the phenomenon of

(A) Dispersion

(B) Scattering

(C) Refraction

(D) Reflection

Question: 7

If the doors of a refrigerator are left open for a few hours, the room temperature will

(A) Increase

(B) Decrease

(C) Remain the same

(D) Decrease only in the area in the vicinity of the refrigerator

Question: 8

Where should an object be placed so that a real and inverted image of the same size is obtained using a convex lens?

(A) At infinity

(B) At twice the focal length

(C) At the focus

(D) Between the lens and its focus

Question: 9

The bases of cooking vessels are painted ___ in order to absorb more heat.

(A) black

(B) red

(C) green

(D) white

Question: 10

Photoelectric effect was discovered by

(A) Hertz

(B) Plank

(C) Bohr

(D) Einstein

Question: 11

When light rays travel from a rarer medium to denser medium it is refracted

(A) In a different path

(B) Away from the normal

(C) Towards the normal

(D) In the same path

Question: 12

Which instrument measures the intensity of earthquake shocks?

(A) Radar

(B) Thermometer

(C) Seismograph

(D) Barometer

Question: 13

2He4 means

(A) Positive rays

(B) Alpha rays

(C) Beta rays

(D) Gamma rays

Question: 14

Laser is a device for producing

(A) Stimulated radiation

(B) Scattered radiation

(C) Spontaneous radiation

(D) Dispersed radiation

Question: 15

Decibel is used to measure

(A) Sound intensity

(B) Light intensity

(C) Magnitude of earthquake

(D) None of the above

Question: 16

The scientist who first discovered that the earth revolves round the sun was

(A) Copernicus

(B) Dalton

(C) Einstein

(D) Newton

Question: 17

The molecular weight of water is

(A) 18

(B) 19

(C) 21

(D) 24

Question: 18

When X-rays are produced?

(A) heat is generated at the target

(B) the temperature of the target remains constant

(C) brilliant light is seen at the target

(D) heat is absorbed at the target

Question: 19

Temperature of the substance denotes ____ energy of its particles.

(A) Average kinetic

(B) Gravitational

(C) Potential

(D) Total

Question: 20

Ice floats on water because its density is ___ than that of water.

(A) lower

(B) higher

(C) smaller

(D) larger

Question: 21

Who was the inventor of positron?

(A) Anderson

(B) Rutherford

(C) Chadwick

(D) J.J. Thomson

Question: 22

For which one of the following is capillarity not the reason?

(A) Rising of water from the roots of a plant to its foliage

(B) Spread a water drop on a cotton cloth

(C) Blotting of ink

(D) Rising of underground water

Question: 23

The normal value of acceleration due to gravity is

(A) 0.98 m/sec2

(B) 9.8 m/sec2

(C) 98 m/sec2

(D) 980 m/sec2

Entropy is the measurement of

(A) molecular configuration

(B) disorder parameter

(C) state of matter

(D) none of these

Question: 25

Space Applications Centre is located in

(A) Nagpur

(B) Bangalore

(C) Hyderabad

(D) Ahmedabad

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Click here to download the below question answer pdf


1.Bad conductor of electricity

2.X-rays and gamma rays



5.Mobile phone



8.At twice the focal length


11.Towards the normal


13.Alpha rays

14.Stimulated radiation

15.Sound intensity



18.heat is generated at the target

19.Average kinetic



22.Rising of underground water

23.9.8 m/sec2

24.disorder parameter


Click here to download the above question pdf
Click here to download the above question answer pdf