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PGTRB – PHYSICS Quiz & answers pdf /Tamilnadu Teachers Recruitment Board (TRB)

Tamilnadu Teachers Recruitment Board (TRB) announces every year PGTRB exam. TRB will recruit teachers for Higher Secondary schools. These exams normally called PGTRB Exam (Post Graduate Teacher Recruitment Board Exams ).

Basic Qualification is PG Degree with B. Ed.,. Eligible Degrees will be announced with PGTRB Exam notification in TRB Official website.

Here Tamilmadal website provides Study materials, Quiz test for PGTRB Exam. Stay tuned with us…


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Click here to download the below question answer pdf Question: 1

Which of the following is the smallest unit of length?

(A) Angstrom

(B) Micrometer

(C) Fermimetre

(D) Nanometer

Question: 2

Dynamo is a machine which is used for conversion of

(A) High voltage to low voltage

(B) Low voltage to high voltage

(C) Mechanical energy to electrical energy

(D) Electrical energy to mechanical energy

Question: 3

The apparatus used to measure the intensity of light is known as

(A) Altimeter

(B) Lux meter

(C) Colorimeter

(D) Anemometer

Question: 4

Why laser is used in the pipe alignment?

(A) They are directional in nature

(B) They are monochromatic

(C) They are coherent

(D) None of the above

Question: 5

The unit of specific heat capacity is

(A) Kg -1 K -1

(B) JK -1

(C) J kg -1 K -1

(D) J kg -1

Question: 6

Which of the following instruments measures blood pressure?

(A) Sphygmomanometer

(B) Ammeter

(C) Stethoscope

(D) Spherometer

Question: 7

Wilhelm Rontgen invented

(A) Electric bulb

(B) Electric motor

(C) Radio

(D) X–ray machine

Question: 8

L.P.G. is mostly liquefied

(A) Oxygen

(B) Hydrogen

(C) Methane

(D) Butane

Question: 9

Which of the following is not needed in a nuclear fission reactor?

(A) Accelerator

(B) Moderator

(C) Coolan

(D) Control device

Question: 10

The Bernoulli’s theorem is

(A) Mass conservation

(B) Energy conservation

(C) Both of these

(D) none of these

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Question: 11

When a red glass is heated in dark room it will seem

(A) Red

(B) Black

(C) Yellow

(D) Green

Question: 12

The velocity of light in vacuum or air is

(A) 2 x 10 4 m/sec

(B) 9 x 10 2 m/sec

(C) 3 x 10 11 m/sec

(D) 3 x 10 8 m/sec

Question: 13

The speed in colours in a rainbow on sky is primarily due to

(A) Refraction of sunlight

(B) Dispersion of sunlight

(C) Total internal reflection of sunlight

(D) Reflection of sunlight

Question: 14

Which one of the following received Nobel Prize twice for the same subject?

(A) Stanley Cohen

(B) Marie Curie

(C) Frederic Sanger

(D) Frederic Jolit

Question: 15

In Solar cooker ____ is used.

(A) Plane mirror

(B) Plane concave mirror

(C) Concave mirror

(D) Convex mirror

Question: 16

Who invented air conditioning?

(A) Wills Carrier

(B) Erik Rotheim

(C) Nicolas Joseph Cugnot

(D) Joseph Lister

Question: 17

What is the S.I. Unit of entropy?

(A) 0.01 cm

(B) 0.02 cm

(C) 0.001 cm

(D) 10-6 m

Question: 18

What is the approximate value of escape velocity for the earth?

(A) 11 km/s

(B) 19.5 km/s

(C) 56.5 km/s

(D) 50 km/s

Question: 19

______ was the inventor of cosmic rays.

(A) Bruno Rosi

(B) Copernicus

(C) Edvin Hebel

(D) Victor Hess

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Question: 20

The latent heat of fusion of ice is ____ cal/g.

(A) 69.7

(B) 76.9

(C) 79.7

(D) 68.9

Question: 21

The principle employed in sonar is

(A) echo

(B) production of sound

(C) absorption of sound

(D) sound vibration

Question: 22

Unit of electrical energy is

(A) Ampere

(B) Joule

(C) Volt

(D) Hertz

Question: 23

The earth’s magnetic field always has a vertical component except at the

(A) Magnetic equator

(B) Latitude 45°

(C) Magnetic poles

(D) Geographic north pole

Question: 24

A mirror produces magnified erect image of an object. The nature of the mirror is

(A) Convex

(B) Concave

(C) Plane

(D) Neither concave nor convex

Question: 25

A 100 watt bulb is kept switched ON for four hours. The units of electrical energy consumed

(A) 0.4 unit

(B) 4 unit

(C) 25 unit

(D) 400 unit

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2.Mechanical energy to electrical energy
3.Lux meter
4.They are directional in nature
5.J kg -1 K -1
7.X–ray machine
10.Energy conservation
12.3 x 10 8 m/sec
13.Reflection of sunlight
14.Marie Curie
15Convex mirror
16.Wills Carrier
17.10-6 m
18.11 km/s
19.Victor Hess
23.Magnetic equator
25.0.4 unit

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