Welcome to your TNTET PSYCHOLOGY PAPER 2 (NEW) UNIT 6

    1. When it first appeared in English, the word ‘personality’ referred to what?

    2. What is the MMPI-2?

    3. According to Freud, during what stage does the superego emerge?

    4. Attributing one’s own unacceptable thoughts or feelings to someone else is called what?

    5. What is the part of the personality that compels people to act in perfect accordance with moral ideals?

    6. Which theorist focused on the importance of the self-concept in personality?

    7. Which one of the following statements about humanistic theories is false?

    8. Studies of temperament provide evidence for which of the following?

    9. What is an advantage of projective personality tests?

    10. Which of Jung’s beliefs differed from Freud’s theories?

    11. ‘Personality’ comes from the Latin persona, meaning ….

    12. Why is an emotion not a personality characteristic?

    13. Which of the following characteristics is difficult to define as either intellectual or non-intellectual individual differences?

    14. Which of the following would probably not be considered a personality characteristic?

    15. Personality psychology is the only part of psychology that.......

    16. _______________ is the complex of mental characteristics that makes each of us unique from other people.

    17. Our personalities developed as a result of ______________________ .

    18. Which of the following things can have an effect on the development of an individual's personality?

    19. Which of the following statements is true concerning personality?

    20. Carl - smokes, drinks alcohol, overeats, and bites his nails. Which stage of Freud’s Stages of Psychosexual Development has Carl become fixated at?

    21. Which stage of Freud’s Stages of Psychosexual Development is characterized by a boy developing unconscious sexual desires for his mother?

    22. The id, ego, and superego can be best characterized as...........

    23. According to Freud, which part of our personality are we born with that allows our basic needs to be met?

    24. According to Freud, which part of our personality understands that other people have needs and that being selfish can hurt us in the future?

    25. According to Freud, which part of our personality is the moral part that develops due to the moral and ethical restraints placed on us by our caregivers?

    26. One trait that dominates a personality so much that it influences nearly everything a person does is a..................

    27. Talkative vs. silent; frank, open vs. secretive; adventurous vs. cautious; sociable vs. reclusive, these traits describe which dimension of personality?

    28. Approximately how many trait words for personality are there in the English language?

    29. Who is the pioneer that proposed the 16 basic dimensions of normal personality and devised a questionnaire (16PF) to measure them?

    30. During psychology you are falling asleep. You know last night you only got three hours of sleep; therefore you have a valid reason. The person sitting in front of you is sleeping also. You automatically think that they are lazy and really don't care about the class. This is an example of.................

    31.The Ancient Greeks hypothesized that there were 4 different personality characteristics. The four characteristics are.............

    32. Sheldon proposed three different types of traits. The traits that would best describe a football player would be............

    33. If you say that a movie is really good and you like it you would also assume that your best friend would like it. What implicit personality theory is this?

    34. A more neutral term personality type categories or a typical or exemplary instance of a category is...............

    35. From the Big Five personality dimensions, behaviors such as speaking fluently, displaying ambition, and exhibiting a high degree of intelligence is............

    36. Psychologists seek to understand Rob's personality through his thoughts, beliefs andtheir impact on his behavior in certain situations. This is known as the

    37. Devin's personality is researched through 3 factors: extraversion, neuroticism and psychoticism. This personality trait model is called.............

    38. What type of personality focuses on how people adapt to everyday life and intervenes to improve the lives of individuals through therapy?

    39. Which of the following would be a phenomenological approach to the study of personality?

    40. What is the trait approach to personality?

    41. William Sheldon suggested that body build was associated with personality traits. Which one best describes a person who's sensitive and intellectual?

    42. Eysenck originally developed ________________, a highly researched factor theory of personality.

    43. Which of the following characteristics describe someone who, according to Maslow, is self-actualized?

    44. The MMPI is used to measure...........

    45. ——— is an external, unstable attribution for why something happens to a person?

    46. Adler described that Someone who feels as though they are not living up to expectations would be..........

    47. The last stage of psychosexual development is...........

    48. The “Super ego” is the equivalent of what is more commonly known as the........

    49. Which is the place where the child’s ‘cognitive development is defined in the best way?

    50. ‘Mind mapping’ refers to.........