1. You have been asked to accommodate two retarded children in your class, are you?

    2. A cricket player develops his bowling skills, but it does not affect his batting skills call it?

    3. Being 'talented' is not a sign of?

    4. Which of the following nurtures creativity in learners?

    5. Which standard should be used as a priority to maintain discipline in the school?

    6. With which of the following children should the teacher show maximum sympathy?

    7. The school should be interested in child development, which should include?

    8. Which of the following statements about cognitive development is correct?

    9. School Based Assessment...............

    10. Who developed classical programmed instruction?

    11. A teacher / teacher found that a student is finding it difficult to make a class. He guessed that he would also experience difficulty in drawing a diamond. On which principle did he make this inference from the following?

    12. What is the focus of child psychology?

    13. Who is the father of psychoanalytic theory?

    14. 'Backward child is the one who in the middle of his school life (10-11 years) cannot do the work of a class below the normal class according to his age.' Whose statement is this?

    15. According to Spearman, at what age does the growth of intelligence stop?

    16. 'Students should discuss the problem in the group and solve the problem, the teacher should be in the role of facilitator.' This is the approach?

    17. What is physical intelligence and development called?

    18. A teacher never answers questions on her own, she encourages her students to answer questions, engage in group discussions and collaborative learning, this approach is based on the principle of ……?

    19. On what basis does an extroverted student differ from an introverted student?

    20. Which of the following is suitable for gifted learners?

    21. School-based assessment was introduced so that …..

    22. Which of the following is the main characteristic of adolescence?

    23. Which of the following principles guide the selection of teaching aids?

    24. What is the narrow meaning of psychology?

    25. Which of the following is not a symbol of individual variation in achievement?

    26. The most important challenge of a teacher is?

    27. Does abstract intelligence help a person?

    28. Being a member of a group or gang leads to better socialization from late childhood. Which of the following statements is contrary to this view?

    29. What is average intelligence?

    30. Which of the following was propounded by Guilford's theory of intelligence?

    31. On the basis of individual differences, Parkhurst gave education system for children?

    32. What is the meaning of development?

    33. What is the contribution of psychoanalytic method of personality measurement?

    34. Which of the following is the most important contribution of psychology towards education?

    35. Intelligence is that element which is common to all mental abilities. This definition establishes the most important psychological discovery of this century. Whose statement is this ?

    36. Readiness to learn indicates ……..?

    37. Which of the following are the problems of backward children?

    38. Which of the following statement is not correct?

    39. Personal is the dynamic organization of those psychosomatic qualities, which determine a person's unique adjustment in the environment, that is the above definition?

    40. A child loves solitude and solitude. What is this nature related to?

    41. Which formula is correct?

    42. Which of the following parts of personality is logically controlled, which is based on the law of reality?

    43. The mental age of a 10 year old boy is 14 years, he will be called?

    44. Which of the following method is used to study abnormal behavior of students?

    45. What is the main form of social development in childhood?

    46. A creative learner is one who ...............

    47. Which of the following is a variant of Sternberg's three-level theory of intelligence?

    48. Which of the following means increase in size?

    49. What is the literal meaning of the word momentum?

    50. The word personality is derived from which Latin word?