TN TET ENGLISH – 06 [Paid Batch]


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    வாட்சப் எண்
    1. when --------------this morning.

    2. Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentence:

    We ……..... volley ball yesterday. 

    3. Choose the correct word to complete the sentence:

    There is very ………. Petrol in the car. I’ll buy some when I go out. 

    4. Choose the correct word to complete the sentence:

    He apologized ………… being late. 

    5. Choose the word which has almost the same meaning as the italicized one:

    I help them to assemble the different parts

    6. Choose the correct antonym for the italicized word :

    Travelling is considered very dangerous.

    7.If a ‘ medal’ is an award made of gold, silver or bronze, Choose the homophone for the word which means “to go through other people’s things”

    8.Verbal guidance is least effective in the learning of

    9. The play ‘Zigzag ’ is written by

    10.Which can be placed after fast?

    11. What is the singular form of the word taxis?

    12.His father gave him his school bag. (Identify the pattern)

    13.The lawyer managed the case cleverly. (Replace with phrasal verbs)

    14. The receptionist …….. to ring another hotel to see if they had a room.

    15. I assure you I have no wish to ……… my responsibility.

    16. Has there been any ……… on the strike from the Government?

    17. Choose the most appropriate adjective clause that can replace the adjective phrase in the sentence.

    “Madhu met a girl with blue eyes”

    18. In the sentence “The train came rushing down the hill” the word down functions as

    19. “Having a friend is like planting a flower”

    ” The figure of speech used here is ……. 

    20. Pick the odd one from among the words given below:

    Pretty, attractive, beautiful, smart, lively. 

    21. Which of the following is not an instruction?

    22. Pick out the adjective which can best fill in the blank given in the sentence below:

    The …......... chapters are lacking in internet.

    23. Which is the most appropriate passive form for the sentence?

    “One should keep one’s promises” 

    24. conversion to simple sentence from the compound sentence “we must eat, or we can not live “ is

    25. In which classification of work can we categorise teaching?

    26. choose the most appropriate complementary closing for a letter addressed to the Sub-Inspector of police:

    27. Identify the most suitable explanation for the idiom used in the sentence given below:

    The boy backed up his friend’s claim. 

    28. choose the appropriate tag for the sentence given below:

    Have some more rice, ……..? 

    29. complete the following sentences by supplying appropriate connecting words from the options listed below:

    I met a boy …….. told me ….. I could find you. 

    30. The former president of India, Dr.A.P.J. Abdul kalam has consented to address the student of your school on the eve of Annual day. Which discourse among the ones listed below is best suitable for informing the parents of the students about the same?

    31. How many syllables are there in the word ‘examination’?

    31. Nobody called,……………… (Fill in the blanks with suitable tags)

    32.The common expansion of SMS?

    33. Merlin was thrilled when the school arranged the trip because

    34.The _______ of the notice should be very clear.

    35. A blackboard is a symbol of:

    36.Read the following sentences and rewrite them into passive voice. Choose the right answer from the given alternatives:

    He finished his breakfast quickly.

    37. Read the dialogues and choose the most appropriate options to complete the dialogues.

    Jack : Have you heard about Timmy?
    Pete : No, is there something wrong with him?
    Jake : ---------------
    Pete : Really? I hope it is not too serious

    38.If you are writing a letter of complaint, how do you sign off your letter?

    Q.No. 39 to 43- Read the following passage. Select the best answer from among the given choices for each question.

    Most of us the products of science – railway, aeroplanes, electricity, phones and thousands of others – without thinking how they came into existence. We take them for granted, as if we are entitled to them as a matter of right. And we are very proud of the fact that we live in an advanced age and are ourselves so very advanced. There is no doubt that our age is a very different one from previous ages and I think it is perfectly correct to say that it is far more advanced. But that is a different think from saying that we as individuals or group are more advanced. It would be the height of absurdity to say that because an engine driver can run an engine and Plato or Socrates could not, the engine driver is more advanced then, or is superior to Plato or Socrates. But it would be perfectly correct to say that the engine itself is a more advanced method of locomotion than Plato’s chariot was. 

    39. Which one of the following statements is correct?

    40. people today are very proud because they

    41. Many of us make use of machines

    42. In the passage, Plato and Socrates are mentioned to emphasize that

    43. The phrase ‘height of absurdity’ implies

    44. Identify the correct phonemic transcription for ‘germinate’

    45. The words ‘need’, ‘dare’ and ‘used to’ are

    46. What does the following sentence mean?

    Gandhiji loved to be up with the lark.

    47. choose the right question tag: We put some money in the bank last week ……..?

    48. The aim of teaching poetry is

    49. The teacher of English uses ‘pair-work’ in the classroom to

    50. Which is not a quality of ‘good hanwriting’?