Welcome to your ENGLISH TEST UNIT 7

    1.What is the nick name of Living?

    2.Darkness in this play is the symbol of _______

    3. The society looks at the writer at _______

    4.“The play caused a revolution in theatrical production and was instantly recognized as a master piece” – What is the play?

    5. Africans are shameful of _______

    6. What is the primary function of the writer?

    7. Who is the priestess of Agbala?

    8. Who is the White Christian missionary in Mbanta?

    9. Stephen receives a letter from ______

    10. With what hope Stephen goes to Johannesburg?

    11. The quest of _____ forms the central action of the novel.

    12. Which magazine was edited by Rabindranath Tagore?

    13. Since the Renaissance the writing of European saints--however familiar their metaphor and the general structure

    14. I know thou takest pleasure in my singing. I know that only as a singer I come before In this line is taken from ……………………….

    15. What are the personifications of the God?

    16.Where are the 3 types of minds?

    17.The thought is ______

    18.Aurobindo’s yoga is directd to bring down ________

    19. Which distinguished man from animal?

    20.Say whether the following statements are True or False “ The lily and the Rose quarreled for the title of superior reputation”.

    21.“ Flora gave the lotus to Psyche” Say whether the following statements are True or False

    22.Rivals’ in the poem are:

    23. Therefore, I fain would consecrate a lay Unto thy honour, Tree, beloved of those Who now in blessed sleep for aye repose Dearer than life to me, alas, were they! What is beloved to the poetess?

    24. “Fear, trembling Hope, arid Death, the skeleton, And Time the shadow ” and though weak the verse That would thy beauty fain, oh, fain rehearse, May Love defend tree from Oblivion’s curse. Give a word opposite in meaning to ‘stable’.

    25. A bodily state of hypnotism or magic-spell ” Find the words for the following expressions in the poem:

    26.“We part as friends” – Who are parting?

    27.“Is there a creature on the Earth, that dares to work our hero harm” – Who is the hero?

    28.Who did cover, when they see Rama’s look?

    29.At the tread of Rama, pythons and cobra’s covert glide to ________

    30. Let the mouth speak and my life be spent, to clear the sky of thy discontent – Who is the speaker and who is discounted?

    31. Queen Gulnar sighed like a ________

    32. “No savour or salt hath my dream or day” – Whose dreams have no salt?

    33.“Wow I am a thought worn singer, In life’s high and lonely faces” – Who is the singer?

    34.Honey,child…………………to wed you. Who has composed this poem?

    35. Who worship the mother with flame?

    36. The children would thrill the stars with ________

    37.Who was the first woman president of Indian National Congress?

    38.Who is known as Bharat Kokila ( the nightingale of India)?

    39.Who endowed Sarojini Naidu the title ‘The Nightingale of India?

    40. The narrator is in the search for her ……..?

    41.'Child, I will hearken to thy prayer, And thy unconquered soul shall know All passionate rapture and despair. Who is speaker in this line?

    42. The Gull parades its _______

    43. What is shared by Australia?

    44. Who are going to pilgrimage?

    45. Our deeds were neither great nor rare” – Who is referred to ?

    46. The language of poetry is the language of _________

    47. Which poem is admired as flawless piece of poetic composition?

    48. “It is a wonderfully orchestrated poem, the tone becoming impassioned and exultant as the feeling rise to a crescendo” – What is the poem?

    49. The crowing fills the poet with ________

    50. What is the worst mistake of the poet?

    51. Who is cooking nicely?

    52. What is the answer of the lady – love?

    53. The freaks are satisfying _______

    54. What is the mood of the poet?

    55.Who came to the city?

    56.A light is compared to _______

    57. The lover is compared to _________

    58. Why did the poet say that a woman should stand naked before the mirror with her husband?

    59.What is the main consequence of British rule?

    60.How many years have passed?

    61.Now Sundari is ________ years old.

    62.How does the cousin change?

    63.Madurai is a city of ________

    64.What is the result of the oldness?

    65.What is the cause of emotional alienation?

    66. What are the functions of son-in-law?

    67.In what form the nephews killed in war are accepted?

    68. “ OBITUARY ” The poem is a thought of _______

    69. Munoo was taken to work in the house hold of _______

    70.Which attracted the attention of Munoo in Babu’s house?

    71.Seth borrowed ________ from Todar Mal.

    72.“The first novel to come out of India in recent years” – Whose praise is this & what is the novel?

    73.Who is a powerful religious authority?

    74. Rao’s preface throws light on the views ________

    75.In the words of Narayan English Teahcer is largely_______

    76. The opening chapte of The English Teahcer is an example of Narayan’s technique of----

    77.Who is the doctor called by Krishna?

    78.The river flows through the country of ________

    79.Why did Ravi feel disturbed?

    80.Which is recurring indicated the terms of poor and the rich?

    81.Which words are used ironically?

    82. What is there upon it?

    83. What type of dress was worn by Shiva?

    84.The dance is responding movement in _______

    85.Visvajit is a great admirer of ________

    86. Who is in loss in the course of construction of the camp?

    87. The machine looks like ______

    88. Who preaches against Sultan’s disloyalty to Islam?

    89. Who is the chief minister of Tughlaq?

    90. How many watchmen are at Daulatabad?

    91. Who is the king of Punjab?

    92. Who is the son of Ranjith?

    93. A strongly independent Punjab will be our buffer against the loose, unruly hordes of Central Asia – Who is the speaker?

    94. Which dimmed the vision of Eagle?

    95.Bird’s despondency is a symbol of ________

    96. “The Dying Eagle is symbolic of old order changes’ yielding place to new? – Yes or No?

    97.Who are the companions of the spirit?

    98. The song of the fire is the desire of _____

    99.What is the request of the spirit to the God?

    100. Which looks like the paws of a stone lion or a sphins?