ENGLISH TEST – 02 [Paid Batch]


    Welcome to your ENGLISH TEST - 02 [Paid Batch]

    1.The meeting was postponed due to bad weather. (Replace with phrasal verbs)

    2. They named the child Ria (Identify the pattern)

    3. Add a suffix to the word. The chef guest appreciate his perform….

    4. What is the singular form of the word armies?

    5. So you bought a car,……………….. (Fill in the blanks with suitable tags)

    6.Which can be placed after "blue"

    7.The common expansion of ISRO is

    8. Grandfather helped grandma out with the gardening because he ……………….

    9.What is the word limit of the Notice?

    10. The best method of language teaching is the:

    11. What Would You Write In The Opening Part Of A Formal Letter ?

    12. Read the dialogues and choose the most appropriate options to complete the dialogues.

    Daniel : Do you believe in rumors saying Alice will quit?

    Nora : ---------------

    Daniel : I know there are but do you believe them?

    Nora : I don't know what to believe.

    13.Read the following sentences and rewrite them into passive voice. Choose the right answer from the given alternatives:

    They had played a match. 

    14. A sub- ordinate clause can be classified in to --------------- types.

    15. A sentence that has only one main clause and any number of sub ordinate clause is formed ------------sentence.

    16. A sentence which has its own subject and a finite verb, with or without phrases is called ------------ sentence.

    17. A sentence which has main clause is --------------------- sentence.

    18. Which one of the following is not a co - ordinating conjunction.

    19. Choose the compound sentence which has no error.

    20. Identify the simple sentence.

    21. A main clause can be called as.

    22. When a clause is stated with a sub - ordinating conjunction it is called as.

    23. Choose the right complex form of ‘ I heard of her failure’.

    24. Choose the compound sentence for ‘I know about his arrival’.

    Fill in the blanks with right sub- ordinating conjunction.

    25. He became gentle ---------------- he grew old.

    26. ----------------- he is rich, he is humble.

    Fill in the blanks with right phrase

    27. ------------------ His learning, his judgement was bad.

    28. -------------- Your being late, you will be fined.

    29. Pick out the odd one.

    30. Many of us do not know this information.

    31. write the noun form of ‘ warmly’?

    32. This is the person ----------- I wanted you to meet.

    33. ---------------tense is used to a completed action at a particular time in the past.

    34. plural for erratum.

    35. Letters are of varied nature depending on the writer’s ……..


    Modern agriculture demands increasing quantities of energy to achive the desired level of productivity. In a country like India solar power can be utilized as a great source of energy. There is a great scope for utilization of solar energy in agriculture practices such as drying of agriculture produce, pumping water for irrigation and preservation of fruits and vegetables.

    The paragraph best supports the statements that, …….

    i) Modern agriculture demands more energy

    ii) Solar power is a great source of energy

    iii) There is great scope for using solar energy in agriculture work in India

    iv) It is possible to achieve the desired level of productivity 

    37. There is no …….. in yours.

    38. ……… can be defind as a group of sentences relating to topic.

    39. The movement is from particular to the general statement. An argument is put forth; details and illustrations are given and finally the conclusion is arrived at. In this order, the topic sentence comes at the end of the paragraph.

    40. words like but, yet, hough, although, nevertheless, however, inspite of, on the other hand, on the contrary etc. are used to show …….. in a paragraph.

    41.Re-arrange the jumbled sentences S1 and S6 remain same.

    S1: Science has brought about changes and not all of them have been for the good of humanity.
    P: It is true that even today vast numbers of people still mentally in the pre-scientific age, and that most of us, when we talk glibly of science, betray it in our though and actions.
    Q: This word is racked by fierce conflicts and they are anallyed and called by many names.
    R: But the most vital and hopeful of the changes that it has brought about has been the development of the scientific outlook in man.
    S: And yet it is the scientific method alone that offers hope to mankind and an ending to the agony of the word.
    S6: But essentially the major conflict is between the method of science and the methods opposed to science. 

    42. An essay can be defined as a short composition in prose. It literally means an……

    43. Argument is needed when there is a difference of …..........

    44. The fricatives is a group of nine……..

    45. Write the phonetic transcription for the word ‘settle’

    46. Write the spelling for the following transcription

    47. Reading is a ……. Skill

    48. The amount of reading which a person does during one fixation is called……....

    49. Getting the meaning of the message is called…....

    50. Who, what, when, where and why are called …….In news paper writing.