7th biology (ENGLISH MEDIUM NEW)


    Welcome to your 7th biology (ENGLISH MEDIUM NEW)

    1. Vegetative propagation by leaves takes place in

    2. __________ do not produce spores.

    3. __________ have the smallest seeds in the plant kingdom.

    4. Breathing Roots are seen in ___________

    5. In ___________ sepal is seen on the fruit after fertilization

    6. __________ is a parasite.

    7. Assertion : The example of conical root is carrot. Reasoning : It is an adventitious root modification.

    8. Assertion : Pollination and fertilization in flowers, produces fruits and seeds. Reasoning :After fertilization the ovary becomes fruit and ovule becomes seed.

    9. Assertion (A) : Oral hygiene is good. Reason (R) : Sound teeth and healthy gums with healthy surrounding tissues,

    10. Anorexia means _______

    11. _______ is a non communicable disease.

    12. Intake of _____ can help to prevent Anaemia.

    13. Assertion (A) : We must offer first aid to a bleeding person. Reason (R) : We must not use gloves while helping them.

    14. Assertion (A) : Antibiotics do not help to cure communicable diseases. Reason (R) : They are caused by microbes.

    15. Drinking boiled water can prevent _______

    16. ________ is the largest organelle

    17. The ______cells are spindle shaped.

    18. The________ plays a role in change of colour and taste of fruits.

    19. Starch is stored in _______

    20. _______lacks a nucleus.

    21. Assertion (A) : Tissue is a group of dissimilar cells. Reason (R) : Muscle is made up of Muscle cell.

    22. Assertion (A) :Majority of cells cannot be seen directly with naked eye because. Reason (R) :Cells are microscopic.

    23. ________ helps in cell division.

    24. Which part of the cell is called the brain of the cell?

    25. the outer most layer of an animal cell. Who am I?

    26. Approximately species of living organisms found in the earth.

    27. The largest division of the living world is

    28. _______ belongs to Phylum Platyhelminthes.

    29. _______ is not a characteristic of Phylum Echinodertnata.

    30. Bones with air cavities are seen in _______

    31. ______ is not oviparous.

    32. Naked ovules are seen in _______

    33. _______ belong to Monera.

    34. _______ is not a fugus.

    35. _______ are called Amphibious plants.

    36. _______ are diploblastic.

    37. Plant is a thallus in _______

    38. The cultivation and production of silk is known as __________

    39. Sorter’s Disease is otherwise known as __________

    40. Eggs are rich in __________

    41. Assertion : Wool is the fibre derived from the fur of animals. Reason : Animals like goat, Yak, Alpaca and rabbit yields wool.

    42. Assertion : Pencillin or ciprofloxacin. Reason (R) : These medicines cures cow pox.

    43. Fowl pox is caused by _______

    44. India stands _______ in silk production in the world.

    45. Scouting process during processing of wool refers to _______

    46. Cashmere, Alpaca. Muga are types of _______

    47. The _______ bees collect the nectar from flowers.

    48. Assertion (A) : Reptiles are warm blooded animals. Reason (R) : They have scales.

    49. ________ was a greek philosopher who classified animals.

    50. Assertion (A) : Binomial name is the universal name and contains two names. Reason (R) : It was first introduced by Carolus Linnaeus.