6th Social Science Full Test


    Welcome to your 6th Social Science Full Test

    Match the statement with the reason

    Statement: Ashoka was the first ruler to give up war after victory.
    Reason: He was upset and grief-stricken at the sight of the war.

    Find out the wrong pair.

    Find the odd one.

    The most famous ruler of ancient India was ……………

    state True or False

    Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal is not in Thanjavur.

    Check the statement and Reason

    Statement : Migration of man of different parts of the world resulted in changes of physic and colour
    Reason : Climatic changes.

    Find out the wrong pair

    Which of the following statements is true.

    Which city is related to Keezhadi excavation?

    The inner planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth and___

    Perihelion is the Earth’s ___ position to the Sun.

    Statement I : Mountains are second order landforms. Statement II : The Mariana Trench is the deepest trench in the world. Which of the statement(s) is/are true?

    Which is the highest plateau in the world?

    Jaisalmer, the land of lowest rainfall is located in

    Which pair is incorrect?

    What was the ratio of land revenue collected during the Vedic Age

    Which of the statement is not correct in the Vedic society.

    Adhichanallur is in ……………. district

    Which statement is incorrect?

    How many Tirthankaras were there in Jainism?

    Which of the following about Jainism is correct?

    "Triratna" related to__

    ___means conquering self and the external world.

    Chandra Gupta Maurya abdicated the thrown and went to Sravanbelgola along with Jina Saint___

    ……. was the ambassador of Seleucus Nicator.

    Which one is not a Tertiary activity?

    The time taken to play the National Anthem is _______

    “Vande Mataram” was first sung by at the __ session of the National Congress.

    There are …………….. amendments made in the Constitution of India till 2016.

    The percentage of population in the cities of Tamil Nadu is ……

    The lowest unit of administration during the Sangam Age was

    The ascending order of the administrative division in the ancient Tamizhagam was

    Which one is True?

    The Kantara School of Sanskrit flourished in the

    Who converted Gondophemes into Christianity?

    Prayog Prashasti was composed by ________

    …… was the Gauda ruler of Bengal.

    ….. destroyed Vatapi and assumed the title VatapiKondan.

    The natural boundary between Spain and France is ……

    Choose the incorrect pair.

    Which country in Europe has a very low density of population?

    The plateau of Anatolia, The plateau of Iran, and the plateau of Tibet are the important intermontane plateaus found in

    _______ is National panchayat Raj day

    The oldest urban local body in India is ………………

    .. is celebrated as the International Democracy Day.

    The Constitution Day is celebrated on ……………..

    Who was the last emperor of the Mauryan Dynasty?

    Kodumanal is located in __ district.

    The term ‘Megalith’ is derived from Greek. ‘Megas’ means ___ and ‘lithos’ means ___