44.The Dance of Shiva & Cry the Beloved country & The telephone conversation


    Welcome to your 44.The Dance of Shiva & Cry the Beloved country & The telephone conversation

    1.Ananda Coomaraswamy's The Dance of Shiva is a

    2.Shiva, the cosmic dancer is called

    3.What is ‘Ananda Tandavam’?

    4. What does the term ‘Tillai’ refer to?

    5. While dancing Tandava, Shiva balances himself by stepping on

    6. According to the Geeta, the divine entity has ___ (number) of elements.

    7. Why does Shiva perform Tandavam?

    8. What does the damaru symbolize?

    9. The upper left hand of Lord Nataraja holding a tongue of flames is in _________ hasta.

    10.The uplifted right hand of Shiva indicates

    11.Which dance is related to Veera batra?

    12.Cry, the Beloved Country presents Christianity as:

    13.Which of the following men is not a priest?

    14.What happens to Gertrude at the end of the novel?

    15.Who comes to visit Kumalo and practice his Zulu?

    16.Who is pregnant when the novel ends?

    17.What is the former occupation of John Kumalo?

    18.Which character scolds the young pregnant girl for her careless manner?

    19.What title of respect do most people address Kumalo with?

    20.Who does Stephen Kumalo receive a letter from in the opening pages of the novel?

    21. What is the name of the village where Kumalo lives?

    22.Which city is mentioned in the poem "The telephone conversation"

    23.. Who were the people having the telephone conversation?

    24.The speaker voice in Telephone conversation is

    25.The conversation in Telephone conversation is on

    26.Telephone conversation has often been described as a powerful and senior agent to

    27. Telephone conversation is a

    28.The period of post-war decades saw a rise of-

    29.which of the following is personified in "Telephone Conversation"-

    30. "Telephone Conversation' opens with the