42-Sarojini Naidu& Toru dutt &Nissim Ezekiel


    Welcome to your 42-Sarojini Naidu& Toru dutt &Nissim Ezekiel

    1.The creeper growing around the tree in “Our Casuarina Tree” has a creeper round it which resembles a __________.

    2.In the Country Cottage” was written by _________.

    3. The lizard in Ezekiel’s “In the Country Cottage” is described as being _____ in colour.

    4.Which translation of Toru Dutt was published in her lifetime?

    5.Song of Radha, the Milkman is written by

    6.Name the poet who composed the Ancient Legends and Ballads of Hindustan

    7- A critic said that Toru Dutt was ”a classic writer” who placed her country and was the first to do so on the international map of letters ho was the critic?

    8.Nissim Ezekiel ”was the first Indian poet to express a modern Indian sensibility in modern idiom” Who said

    09-” I regard myself as an Indian poet writing in English” Who said these words about his own poetry?

    10. In which of the following poems of Ezekiel do we get a moving picture of a mother's suffering?

    11.Which is not a work of Sarojini Naidu?

    12.In the golden threshold how many poems are written by Sarojini Naidu?

    13. Toru Dutt's The Lotus is a ------ sonnet

    14.Sarojini Naidu's Poem 'The Queen's of Rival' is based on a ______ legend.

    15.Which poem of Sarojini Naidu is addressed to Gandhi

    16. What was the original name of Sarojini Naidu?

    17.What was the name of her first collection of poems?

    18.Among the following, which is the first book of Ezekiel?

    19.Ezekiel was awarded Padmashri in………..

    20.Which of the following authors wrote the essay "Naipaul's India and Mine"?

    21. The central theme of Nissim Ezekiel's work is

    22.Who were Toru Dutt's favorite authors?

    23.Which Christian figure is described in Dutt's works as being burdened by divine power?

    24. Who wrote Hymns in Darkness?

    25. Nissim Ezekiel is a/an

    26. Which work of Sarojini Naidu was published posthumously?

    27. Whom did Sarojini Naidu refer to Chocolate colored mickey mouse?

    28.Who is the father of English poetry in India?

    29.Who is flora?

    30. Who is the Rival of the Queen?