26-Great Expectations & Middle march & Jude the Obscure


    Welcome to your 26-Great Expectations & Middle march & Jude the Obscure

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    1.Pip was raised by

    2. Miss Havisham lives in

    3. The lawyer, Jaggers, tells Pip that

    4.Who is the true source of Pip’s “great expectations”?

    5.Who teaches Pip how to be a gentleman in London?

    6.Whom does Pip think his “great expectations” will be from?

    7.Whom does Estella marry?

    8.Whom does Biddy marry?

    9.What is Pip's real name?

    10.What does Miss Havisham wear every day?

    11.What recurring biblical symbol appears for the first time on Jude and Arabella's first date?

    12.Who introduces Sue to Phillotson? Hint

    13.What city is referred to as "The New Jerusalem"?

    14.What is Jude's son's nickname?

    15.How many children do Sue and Jude have together?

    16.Jude the Obscure is known as

    17.The Novel "Jude the obscure" divided into how many parts?

    18.The original title of Jude the obscure is

    19.What do Jude and Arabella butcher together?

    20.How does Little Father Time kill himself?

    21.Where does Dorthea first meet Will?

    22.Middlemarch was originally published as a serial novel in ___ parts.

    23.The subtitle, "A Study of Provincial Life," conveys that Middlemarch is about the lives of ___.

    24.Of all the characters in Middlemarch, Rosamond is the most ___.

    25.What is the name of Mr. Brooke's estate?

    26.Who is Dorothea least like in character?

    27.The first title of Middle March?

    28.Who is the match maker in Middle March?

    29.Who is frog faced in middle march?

    30.Which character is a true blackmailer?