Welcome to your 10th PHYSICS (ENGLISH MEDIUM NEW)

    1. The value of variation of accelaration due to gravity (g) is ______ at the centre of the earth.

    2. The principle involved in the working of a jet plane is:

    3. _____ of a body is defined as the quantity of matter contained in the object.

    4. When a bus starts suddenly the passengers in the standing position are pushed backwards, this action is due to:

    5. When a body at rest breaks into two pieces of equal masses, then the parts will move:

    6. An athlete runs a long path before taking a long jump to increase:

    7. The weight of a person is 50 kg. The weight of that person on the surface

    8. Which is incorrect statement about the action and reaction referred to Newton’s third law of motion?

    9. The unit of gravitational constant is:

    10. In vacuum, all freely failing objects have the same:

    11. When an object is thrown up, the force of gravity:

    12. The refractive index of four substances A, B, C and D are 1.31,1.43,1.33, 2.4 respectively. The speed of light is maximum in:

    13. Where should an object be placed so that a real and inverted image of the same size is obtained by a convex lens ______.

    14. A convex lens forms a real, diminished point sized image at focus. Then the position of the object is at:

    15. The eye defect ‘presbyopia’ can be corrected by:

    16. Which of the following lens would you prefer to use while reading small letters found in a dictionary?

    17. If VB, VG, VR be the velocity of blue, green and red light respectively in a glass prism, then which of the following statement gives the correct relation?

    18. Assertion: If the refractive index of the medium is high (denser medium) the velocity of the light in that medium will be small Reason: Refractive index of the medium is inversely proportional to the velocity of the light.

    19. The scattering of sun light by the atoms or molecules of the gases in the Earth’s atmosphere is known as:

    20. In an inelastic scattering the energy of the incident beam of light is ……….. that of scattering beam.

    21. The value of universal gas constant:

    22. Assertion: There is no effects on other end when one end of the rod is only heated. Reason: Heat always flows from a region of lower temperature to higher temperature of the rod.

    23. Find the final temperature of a copper rod whose area of cross section changes from 10 m² to 11 m² due to heating. The copper rod is initially kept at 90 K. (Coefficient of superficial expansion is 0.0021 /K).

    24. The value of 27° C in the kelvin scale:

    25. Kelvin scale has zero reading at temperature _____.

    26. Linear expansion is related to _____.

    27. Avogadro’s Number _____ mol.

    28. If a temperature of 327°C is equivalent to ………. in kelvin scale.

    29. A piece of wire of resistance 10 ohm is drawn out so that its length is increased to three times its original length. Calculate the new resistance.

    30. The work done in moving a charge of 2 C across two points in a circuit is 2 J. What is the potential difference between the points?

    31. The amount of work done to move a unit charge from one point to the other is:

    32. The potential difference required to pass a current 0.2 A in a wire of resistance 20 ohm is:

    33. The resistivity of a material is 4 × 10-8 Ωm and its conductivity ______.

    34. The value of one horse power is:

    35. What is the amount of current, when 20 C of charges flows in 4 s through a conductor? [l = \(\frac{q}{v}\)]

    36. The heat produced in an electric heater of resistance 2 Ω is connected to an electric source, when a current of 6 A flows for 5 minutes _____.

    37. The value of resistivity of nichrome is:

    38. if a conductor has a length of 1 m and area of 1 m² then its resistivity is equal to its:

    39. LED TV screen was developed by James P. Mitchell in _____.

    40. Heat developed across a conductor H =

    41. Assertion: Sound waves cannot be propagated through vacuum but light can be transmitted. Reason: Sound waves cannot be polarised but light wave can be polarised.

    42. Velocity of sound at a temperature T is given by:

    43. Which of the following property of sound waves is used in ultrasonography?

    44. Velocity of sound ……… as the density of the solid increases.

    45. The direction of compression is reversed during:

    46. In which of the following, no change in mass number of the daughter nuclei takes place _____. (i) α decay (ii) β decay (iii) γ decay (iv) neutron decay

    47. Gaming radiations are dangerous because of _____.

    48. Which of the following statements is/are correct? (i) a particles are photons. (ii) Penetrating power of γ radiation is very low. (iii) Ionization power is maximum for a rays. (iv) Penetrating power of γ radiation is very high.

    49. Which of the following is/are correct? (i) Chain reaction takes place in a nuclear reactor and an atomic bomb. (ii) The chain reaction in a nuclear reactor is controlled (iii) The chain reaction in a nuclear reactor is not controlled (iv) No chain reaction takes place in an atom bomb

    50. The elements that undergo spontaneous radioactivity: