PG TRB ENGLISH FREE ONLINE TEST-48-Australia & Ned kelly & The Novelist as a teacher




Welcome to your 48- Australia & Ned kelly & The Novelist as a teacher

1. How many city's names are mentioned in the poem "Australia"?

2. In Australia poem Australians are…….Europeans

3.Hope describes the Austrian people describes as_____

4.Who are the “cultured apes” according to A.D. Hope?

5. A ________ is a mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human.

6. How does Hope call the major cities of Australia?

7.Australians boast that they ______ in Australia.

8.Why does Hope call Australians a “second-hand Europeans”?

9.Why do the Australians “pullulate timidly on the edge of alien shores”?

10.Hope ironically calls the Australians as _______

11.At what age was Ned Kelly first charged with a criminal offence?

12. At the age of 16, Ned Kelly was imprisoned for three years for what crime?

13. In 1878, which member of the Kelly family was gaoled for three years on highly questionable evidence presented by the police in what is known as the Fitzpatrick Incident?

14.What feature enhanced Ned Kelly’s image as a hero?

15.Why did Ned Kelly become a hero to many Australians?

16.Where was Ned Kelly executed?

17.What is Ned Kelly’s full name?

18.How many years does Ned spend in prison before being released near the beginning of Parcel Seven?

19.What color silk shorts does Ned wear during his boxing match with Wild Wright?

20.What were the names of the other members of Ned Kelly's gang?

21.Which is considered as a Literary Manifesto of Achebe?

22.The Novelist as a teacher divided into

23.The writer, according to Achebe is a _____of the society

24.Achebe does not write for the____readers

25. What is the theme of "A novelist as a teacher"?

26.Which is the first novel of Achebe?

27.A Novelist as a Teacher was a speech delivered at the commonwealth writers conference in Leeds in

28.Things Fall Aport was sold___copies in Britain

29.Bubo Yero Mafindi is Achebe's

30. A reader who wrote a letter to Achebe looked forward to read the other novel ___