PG TRB ENGLISH FREE ONLINE TEST-47- Larine Sahib & The meaning of africa & Things fall Apart




Welcome to your 47- Larine Sahib & The meaning of africa & Things fall Apart

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1.Who is the first missionary to arrive in Umuofia?

2.What does Okoye ask Unoka to return?

3.“A Changeling Child” is called a:

4.What shameful illness did Unoka die of?

5.Who is Okonkwo's father?

6.How many villages does Umuofia comprise?

7. The novel “Things Fall Apart” explores ____ society and its encounter with European colonialism?

8.The title of the novel Things Fall Apart has been taken from which poem of W. B. Yeats

9.In how many parts novel Things Fall Apart has been divided?

10.Who is the Protagonist of the novel Things Fall Apart?

11.Larins Sahib by Gurcharan Das is about

12.Two of the following plays won the Sultan Padamsee Prize for Indian plays in English : I.Princes II. Where There’s a Will III. Larins Sahib IV. Doongaji House

13.Larins Sahib a play in

14.In Larine Sahib, Most of the actions take place on which year?

15.Who is described as an one eyed lion?

16.The Governer General's Camp was on

17.Who is considered as the Larins Sahip?

18.Rani calls whom Raja Sahib

19.The diamond is presented as a symbol of

20.Who is a Jumble of contradictory emotion?

21.Who is the author of the poem "The Meaning of Africa"?

22.Which of the following is not a meaning of Africa?

23.The poem "The Meaning of Africa" addressed to

24. The _____ dust settled down on the green leaves

25."The meaning of Africa" is published in ………

26.Happiness, contentment, and fulfilment, And a small bird singing on a_____ tree

27. What are the two flowers mentioned in "The meaning of Africa"?

28.The sandy desert hold the

29."Across the windscreen view of my____cylinder kit car

30.In which coast does the poet as he came back sailing down?