PG TRB ENGLISH FREE ONLINE TEST-46-The English teacher & A handful of rice & Tughlag




Welcome to your 46- The English teacher & A handful of rice & Tughlag

1.What is the name of Narayan's first novel?

2.Which disease brings tragedy to Krishna's family?

3.Who was as sharp as a knife in Mathematics?

4.What was the salary paid to Krishna?

5.Who said “Biscuits are bad for the baby?

6.what price Susila got for the old clock?

7.Who was a ‘Phantom of Delight’ for Krishna?

8. Who among the following is a poet?

9.Dr. Shankar first treated Susila for

10. Whose poems did krishna teach?

11.Which play Girish Karnad had written first?

12.The first scene in Girish Karnad’s Tughlaq opens in front of a _____

13.Tughlaq is a ______allegory

14.What is the real name of Vishnu Prasad?

15.Vishnu Prasad received a grant of _______ from the state treasury

16. Who is chief justice in tughlaq?

17.Tuglag was originally writing in

18.Who is the childhood friend of Sultan in Tughlaq?

19.In Tughlaq, Sultan Suffers

20.Aziz wants to go inside the palace with the name of

21.What is the main theme of A Handful of rice ?

22.Who is considered as Lazy in "A Handful of Rice"?

23.In A Handful of Rice, Nalini is the daughter of Apu who is by profession a

24.Who called Kamala Markandeya as "The most gifted Indian Women Novelist"?

25.Kamala Markandaya is the pseudonym of

26.Which is not a Character in A Handful of Rice?

27.Jayamma gave Ravi

28.Which work of Kamala Markandeya was Posthumously published?

29.A Handful of Rice is a representative novel published in

30.Which city is mentioned in A Handful of Rice?