PG TRB ENGLISH FREE ONLINE TEST-45-Coolie & Kandapura & Muktha Dhara




Welcome to your 45-Coolie & Kandapura & Muktha Dhara

1.In Coolie munoo died at the age of ____

2.In coolie, How many kilometres different in Kangarahills and Munoo's native village?

3.Which novel has been described by K.R. Srinivasa Iyengar as the “prose epic of modern India”?

4.Chota Ram (prem), the brother of Nathoo Ram was

5.Who runs the pickle jam factory in coolie?

6.Munoo Morss from Daultpur alongwith a circus party to

7.How many chapters are in the book Coolie?

8. Where did Munoo die?

9.Where did Munoo get his first job?

10.Who is the father of Indian English novel?

11.Who is the foster child of Muktadhara?

12. Who called Muktadhara is The Best Tagore's Prose Dramas?

13.What was the original title of Muktadhara?

14.On the hill there was the temple of Lord

15.Tagore's Muktadhara is about the construction of a

16.Who is the following makes Abhijit a Captive?

17.In Muktadhara, Nikum figure as

18.Who is the leader of stroll plays party?

19. When did Muktha Dhara publish?

20.Muktadhara is a symbol of

21.Who is Achakka's son?

22.Which river appears in Raja Rao's Kanthapura?

23.Who is the hero of Raja Rao's Kanthapura?

24.Who praised Kanthapura as the best novel?

25.________ is the narrator of the story in Kanthapura

26.________ despises Gandhian ideals because he gives high interest loans

27. Who is the Mini Gandhi in Kanthapura?

28.____________is the most valiant of Moorthy’s supporters

29. __________is an agent of British Government and the opposite of Moorthy

30.____________ house becomes the nerve centre of Congress activities