PG TRB ENGLISH FREE ONLINE TEST-43-A.k Ramanujam & Kamaladas & Partha sarathy




Welcome to your 43- A.k Ramanujam & Kamaladas & Partha sarathy

1.Summer in Calcutta is a poetical collection of

2.What was the pen name of Kamala Das?

3.Kamala Das is popularly known for her

4.What is the poem "An Introduction" about?

5.Kamala Das has successfully drawn comparisons between the

6.The theme of ___dominates the poetry of Kamala Das

7. I speak three languages, write in two and ——-in one. Fill in the blanks

8.Kamala Das was nominated for Nobel prize in which year?

09. An Introduction was first included in

10. Alphabet of Lust by Kamala Das was a

11. Name the autobiography of Kamala Das

12.Which of the following poems is by A.K. Ramanujan ?

13.In his Poems of Love and War, a collection of classic Indian poems in English translation, A.K. Ramanujan sought to revive an ancient __________ poetic tradition. Choose the right word.

14.Name the author of the chapter In The Kingdom of Fools

15. R.Parthasarathy’s Rough Passage is the longest __________ poem in Indian Writing in English.

16.Full name of A. K. Ramanujan

17.When was A.K. Ramanujan awarded Padma Shri?

18.When did Ramanujan got Sahitya Akademi Award?

19.. A.K. Ramanujan occupies a prominent place as a …………………………

20. Ak.Ramanajus opines that poetry

21.In the poem “River,Once”, Parthasarathy refers to __________ river.

22. Which work of R. Parthasarathi won the commonwealth poetry prize in 1977?

23. When did R.Parthasarathi get Ulka Poetry Prize of Poetry India?

24.Who is the editor of Ten 20th century Indian poets?

25.When did R.Parthasarathi got Sahitya Akademi Translation Prize in

26. Which year "Ten 20th century indian poet" by R. Parthasarathi published?

27. Which is not a work of R. Parthasarathi?

28. Which is not a work of Kamaladas?

29.Which is not a work of Ak Ramanujan?

30.Ak Ramanujan was an Indian poet and scholar of Indian literature who wrote in