PG TRB ENGLISH FREE ONLINE TEST-41-Gitanjali & Autobiography




Welcome to your 41-Gitanjali & Autobiography

1.How many chapters are in Nehru's autobiography?

2.What is Tagore’s pseudonym?

3.In which year, Rabindranath Tagore got the Nobel Prize?

4.Gitanjali is a ____.

5.How many poems are there in Gitanjali that is written in Bengali?

6.How many poems are there in English Gitanjali?

7.How many poems are translated from Bengali Gitanjali in English Gitanjali?

8.In English Gitanjali, how many poems are not taken from the original Bengali Gitanjali?

9.In which year, Gitanjali had been published?

10. Tagore had close bonding with this great Scientist

11. Apart from India's Jana Gana Mana which country adopt Tagore's song as its National anthem

12.Which magazine was edited by Rabindranath Tagore?

13. Who wrote the introduction to Gitanjali ?

14. Tagore translated Gitanjali in the cottage on the bank of

15. Several poems in Gitanjali are in the form of

16.The English version of Gitanjali is in

17. What are the two concepts used in Gitanjali?

18. 'Gitanjali' literally means

19. Nehru's An autobiography is also known as

20. In An Autobiography, Nehru describes

21.What is the name of news paper started by Nehru?

22. Nehru dedicated An Autobiography to

23. Foreword in An Autobiography was written by

24. An Autobiography was written between

25. "It is a hard and nice subject for a man write of himself" is a/an ____of An Autobiography

26. Whose lines are taken as epigram of An Autobiography by Nehru?

27. Name of the Nehru's house was

28. Who was the Gotwal of Delhi?

29. Nehru met Gandhiji at first time in

30. Nehru was sent to jail ___ times and spent ____days in jail