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Welcome to your 37-Moby dick & The old man and the sea

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1.When did the novel "The oldman and the sea" win the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction?

2. How many copies of Life magazine were sold in two days when The old man and the sea published the excerped of the novel?

3.How long did the fishermen measure the marlin's skeleton to be?

4.What does Santiago dream of when he manages to sleep?

5.Who does Santiago idolize?

6.Manolin’s parents fear that Santiago is “salao.” What does “salao” mean?

7.What does Santiago affectionately call the sea?

8.What does Santiago use as bait?

9.Who does Santiago idolize?

10.What kind of fish does Santiago first catch?

11.What injury does Joe DiMaggio have that Santiago obsesses about?

12. Where was the great "Negro" from against whom Santiago arm-wrestled in his youth?

13.How much money does Santiago feel the fish might be worth?

14.During his great struggle with the marlin, what does Santiago wish repeatedly?

15.Why does Santiago not let his lines drift like the other fishermen?

16.In the novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville, the name of Captain Ahab’s ship is the____.

17.Captain Ahab’s chief mate is a man named:

18.Who is the narrator in Melville’s Moby Dick ?

19.To what does Ishmael largely attribute Ahab's dark nature?

20.What biblical tale does Ishmael here at the whaleman's chapel prior to his journey?

21.Which among the following is not the name of the ship?

22.Who was thrown into the sea by stubb?

23.The sinister parsee in pequod is

24.Who was the lone survivor in Moby Dick?

25.The second mate and a cape cod native with a jovial attitude was

26.____ is the black cabin boy who goes hysteric

27. The spouter inn is owned by

28.For what were whales primarily hunted?

29.Where does Ishmael want to go to find a berth on a whaling ship?

30.What is cetology?