PG TRB ENGLISH FREE ONLINE TEST-32-Out of the cradle & passage to india




Welcome to your 32-Out of the cradle & passage to india

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1.What animal does the poet commune with in “Out of the Cradle”?

2. What is the word the sea gives the poet in “Out of the Cradle”?

3.Who rocked the cradle?

4.Who wandered alone, bareheaded, barefoot?

5.Who is the messenger in the poem Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking?

6.What was the poem Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking originally titled?

7.Which previous American writer was a great influence on Whitman?

8.A boy watches a pair of birds nesting on

9.How many editions of Leaves of Grass did Whitman publish?

10.How many poems are in Leaves of Grass first edition?

11.What form of poetry is Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking written in?

12.The title "Out of the cradle Endlessly Rocking"itself is a symbol of

13.Who is the true Son of God according to Whitman?

14.Passage to India by whitman published in

15.The Hindu God refered by Whitman in his poem Passage to India is

16.Passage to India’ by Walt Whitman is divided into ___ sections

17.A passage to India is a ___poem

18.Which moves a passage to India?

19.Who are welcome to the New World?

20.The term A passage to india is a concept of_____relationship

21.Walt whitman treats present as

22.Temples in india is compared to

23.Which of the Mughal Emperor is referred to in Walt Whitman's passage to India?

24.In passage to India empress leads the procession of Steamships?

25.To Whiteman ___is the ultimate goal of life

26.The poet compares the present to

27.Which of the following place has been described by the poet as "far soothing cradle of man"?

28.As walt whitman believes the life began in

29.In Passage to India, ___is compared to Red roses burnished with gold

30.Whom Walt whitman calls "a gigantic, visionary with majestic limbs and pious beaming eyes"?